March 31st, 1903

Council Meeting March 31st  1903


Miss Bulley (chair), Mrs. Cooke, Miss Ashton  Miss Kay, Miss Pankhurst, Mr. Johnston

Apologies were received from Miss Cox Miss Crompton & Mr. G.  D.  Kelley.

The minutes of the last meeting were read & passed.

The Treasurers report was given as follows 

    £   s   d
Receipts- Subscriptions 41.3.  6
  Donations 2.0.0.
  Grants 6.9.0
Payments Salaries 35. 0.0.
  Rent Rates etc.  5.9.10
  Stationery Printing 5.0.0.
  Petty Cash   8.0.0

Bank overdraft £56.16.1

It was reported that the proposed drawing room meeting had fallen through.  Miss Bulley to see if Miss Barton would give a garden party.

The question of getting help from the mens unions was discussed.  The matter was finally referred to the sub-Committee.  Miss Ashton moved that Mrs. Ashwell Cooke be added to the sub-Committee.  Miss Bulley reported that she had filled in the nomination paper for the Education Committee with Miss Gore-Booth’s name.

It was reported that the new union of Winders etc. was increasing in numbers.

The position of the weavers at Messrs. Howarths Mills was slightly better as regards wages.The General  Secretary of the Overlookers Union had called at the office & stated that the Overlookers had suffered through the changes at Messrs. Howarths Mills, but he was of opinion that when all the improvements had begun to work smoothly things would be better for weavers & overlookers.  He promised to do all in his power to get the overlookers to talk to  weavers, who were outside the union, as to the advantages of combination.

A meeting for Tailoresses had been held & organisation work among the folders & servers had resulted in a slight increase of membership.

A. Amy Bulley