Mr. H. V. Roe

Humphrey Verdon Roe was born in Manchester on 18 April 1878. He served in the army during the Boer War. In 1902 he took over  an engineering firm  in Birmingham and made a success of it. in 1910 he and his brother A. V. Roe set  up an aeronautical company which was then based in Brownsfield Mill, Ancoats. He became managing director and often flew the planes himself. In 1917 he left  the company after a disagreement with his brother.
In May 1918 Roe married the birth control pioneer Marie Stopes, author of Married Love,  and  in 1921 they opened a birth control clinic in Holloway, London, amidst a great deal of controversy  During the Second World war he  joined the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.  He died on 27 July 1949.