May 13th, 1908

Council meeting held Wednesday, May 13th 1908 3pm


Present Miss Emily Cox (Chair), Miss M. Ashton, Miss J B Gaskell, Mrs. J. J. Findlay, Mrs. W. Welsh, Mrs. F. M. Eddie, Mrs. K. Bennett, Mrs. O. M. Aldridge (Secretary), Mrs. Horsfall.

Apologies for Absence. Apologies submitted from Mr. Herford and Councillor Johnston for non-attendance.

Minutes of last meeting. Minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed.

Mr. John Harker Resolution of Sympathy with Mrs. Harker. It was with deep regret that the Council received the news of the death of Mr. John Harker. Mr. Harker had been a member of the Council since its formation in 1895. Miss Emily Cox moved and Miss M. Ashton seconded a resolution expressing sympathy with Mrs. Harker in her bereavement and regret at the loss sustained by the Council. Miss Emily Cox was asked to convey the message of sympathy to Mrs. Harker.

Professor Tout willing to be a Vice-President. A letter was read from Professor Tout expressing his willingness to become a Vice-President of the Council.

Mrs. Spence and Mrs. Bennett acccept invitation to join Sub-Committee. It was reported that Mrs. Spence had accepted the invitation to join the Council, also that Miss Crompton and Mrs. K. Bennett had consented to become members of the Organisation Sub-Committee.

Finance. In the absence of Treasurer the month’s financial report was submitted by the Secretary.

Minutes of Organisation Sub-Committee. Minutes of the Organisation Sub-Committee were then read and showed that active organisation had been carried on during the month amongst India Rubber workers. As the indoors meeting had been badly attended open air meetings were being organized near the factory gate. The first to be held on Friday May 15th near Macintosh’s Rubber Works at 6 and 7 o’clock.

 Distressing reports had been received from girls working in “forking” in the Balloon Department at Macintosh’s. As this work came under the heading of “dangerous trades” and was restricted by special legislation, the Secretary had consulted Miss Paterson (Factory Inspector) and passed the reports with names and addresses of the girls to her.

Secretaries’ Tea. A Secretaries’ Tea was arranged for Wednesday, May 13th.

Drawing Room Meeting. It was reported that Mrs. Dendy had undertaken to organise a drawing room meeting on behalf of the Council. This would be held at Mrs. Heywood’s Moorfield, Swinton on Tuesday, June 2nd. Canon Hicks had been invited to preside and Mrs. Aldridge Secretary of the Council would speak on “What can we do to remedy sweating.”

Emily Cox
June 3rd 1908