October 19th, 1905

Special Meeting of Council October 19th 1905

A Special Meeting of the Council was  held on Thursday  Oct 19th for purpose of recommending a representative for nomination on “Education Committee.

Present Miss Bulley (chair), Miss Cox, Miss Faraday, Mrs. Findlay, Mrs. Eddie, Mr. Johnston, Mr. J.Kelly (Bookbinders), Mrs. O. M. Aldridge (Secretary)

Apologies. Apologies for non attendance received from Mrs. Conway & Miss Margaret Ashton. On the motion of Mr. Johnston, & Mr. Marr, Miss Emily Cox was again unaminously recommended for nomination on the Education Committee as the Council’s Representative for coming year.

The Council expressed their gratitude to Miss Cox for her services on the Education Committee during the past year & asked her to kindly furnish the Council with a brief report of the work at their next meeting. The Secretary reported having received a request from the “Labour Representation Committe”  for the use of office for their Executive Meetings on the first Friday of each month.

Mr. Johnston moved & Miss Bulley seconded that use of room be granted for payment of 2/- each meeting. Agreed.

The Members of the Council also expressed their thanks to Mrs. C. E. Schwann for her gifts of rug and pictures for use in office.


Frances G. Ashwell Cooke

Nov 7 1905