November 3rd, 1903

Minutes of Council Meeting November 3rd 1903

Present Miss Bulley chair, Miss Gaskell, Miss Ashton, Mrs Ashwell Cooke, Mrs. Schwann, Miss Pankhurst, Mr. Johnston.

The minutes were read & passed.

The Sub-Committee minutes read and passed.

It was reported that Miss Wilson had resigned owing to press of other work.  It was decided to ask her to be a Vice-President.

Arrangements for the Women’s Free Trade meeting were discussed.  The office was lent to the Co-operative Guild for a meeting on the following afternoon.

Mrs. Schwann proposed that a special meeting should be held to discuss finance.  It was decided that the next Council meeting should be held for this purpose.

Miss Gore-Booth’s nomination for the Education Committee was proposed by Mrs Schwann, seconded by Miss Cox & carried.

It was reported that the chainmakers of Cradley Heath had expressed a desire to organise, & had asked for the Council’s help in carrying out their plans.  Doubt was felt by some of the members of the Committee of the desirability of this work.  It was reported that funds had been privately promised to the Secretaries to carry it out, so that no extra expense would be incurred by the Council.  A resolution was moved by Miss Pankhurst seconded by Miss Crompton & carried. “ That three days of absence should be granted to Miss Gore-Booth to organise & speak at a meeting at Cradley Heath, on the understanding that the meeting was got up by local workers.”

A meeting was being arranged & canvassing carried on with a view to increasing the membership of the  Winders' Union.

The electric workers at the Westinghouse were suffering from bad trade, there was a great deal of come & go among the workers and few had as yet joined the union.

Treasurers Report Receipts

Subscriptions £115.4.0
Donations 34.1.0
Grants 24.2.4
Rents 2.9.0
Salaries £116.13.4
Rent 23.2.8
Stationery Printing 5.0.0
Petty cash  19.0.0
Bank charges  1.4.3
Bank overdraft  £42.2.8

A. Amy Bulley