November 1, 1904

Council Meeting 2.30pm, November 1, 1904

Present Miss Bulley (in the chair), Miss Ashton, Mrs. Ashwell Cooke, Miss Crompton, Mrs. Conway, Miss J. Gaskell, Miss Emily Cox, Mr. Marr, Mr. J. Kelly, Mr. Johnston, Mr. Herford.

The Chairman read a letter from Miss Rowlette, tendering her resignation of membership on the ground that in her opinion, industrial equality for women was unattainable without political enfranchisemant.

The minutes were read and passed.

It was moved by the Chairman, seconded by Mrs. Ashwell Cooke & carried, that this Council wishes to record the sense of loss the women’s trade union movement has suffered by the death of Lady Dilke.

Miss Bulley read a letter from the Secretary of the Cigar Makers' Union resigning from the Council. Miss Emily Cox reported that she had seen the Secretary Miss Doyle just after her letter had been posted, and that having no cause whatever of complaint against the Council she had promised to send a second letter that evening leaving her resignation in abeyance for a week. The second letter however had not been received.

Mrs. Ashwell Cooke responded that she had seen the Secretary of the Upholsteresses' Union. They had refused to join the new Council, & spoke gratefully of the help given by the W. T. W. C. in gaining the 8 hour day.

Miss Bulley reported that she had received a letter from the Town Clerk stating that the right to nominate a member for the Education Committee had been claimed by the new M.& S. Womens Trades & Labour Council, & suggesting that the W. T. U. Council should not nominate this year. To this she had replied that the nomination had already been sent in on the official form. Subsequently she & Mr. Johnston had an interview with the Town Clerk in which they explained the position of affairs. Miss Crompton & Mr. Herford spoke of the desirability of having a working woman on the Education Committee. It was explained in reply that this Council alone by the constitution of the Education Committee had the right to nominate, and that to forego the exercise of this right would be to run the danger of losing the seat altogether.

Seven applicants had been chosen from the rest by the sub-Committee appointed to deal with the matter to be interviewed personally. Miss Bulley & Mr. Johnston had already seen Mrs. Ward as she was unable to attend the Council meeting. The Council interviewed in turn

Miss Darling - former Secretary Upholsteresses Union

Mrs. Gordon -Machinist

Mrs. Archer - Dressmaker etc.

Miss Holden- Journalist, teacher of new textile machinery etc.

Mrs. Aldridge - Speaker & worker for Cobden Clubs and Nationalisation Society, Coop Societies, etc

Miss Devine - Weaver

It was decided that the referees given by Mrs Aldridge & Miss Holden should be written to, and that a special meeting should be held on November 8, to appoint a new secretary.

The office hours had been kept by different ladies of the council, & arrangements were made for the coming week.

A. Amy Bulley