May 7th, 1901

Council Meeting May 7th 1901

Present Miss Bulley (Chair), Miss Ashton, Miss Spencer, Mr. Hobhouse, Mrs. Spence Weiss, Mr. Johnston.

Apologies from Mrs. Schwann, Mrs. Roberts, Miss Crompton,  Miss Wilson,  Mrs. Cooke.

The minutes were read and passed.  Circulars were read and discussed from The Manchester & Salford District Education Association, The Cardboard Box Makers Association (London), The Workmen's National Housing  Council, The Early Closing Committee N.U.S.A.  London, The United Government Workers' Federation.  Miss Gore Booth was appointed to represent the Council on the Education Committee. Mr. Johnston moved that letters should be sent to  local M.P.s in support of the United Government Workers Federation (seconded by Miss Spencer, carried.)

The other circulars to be acknowledged.

The position of affairs at the Coop Tailoring Department was then discussed.  The attempt to arrange a meeting at the works had failed.  A social evening for the Tailoresses'  held at the Jewish Labour Hall had however been fairly well attended & had resulted in an increase of membership of the union.  The Secretaries were authorised to hold more meetings of the same kind.  It was resolved that if the majority of the Tailoresses joined the union the Council would support their demand to make the Coop Tailoring Department a trade union shop.  With a view to this the  Secretaries were instructed to use every means in their power to increase the membership of the union.

It was reported that the women Cap Makers had asked for help to organise separately as difficulties of language had made it impractical for them to join the Men's Union.  Meetings were being arranged for them.

A meeting had been held at Collyhurst Girls Club on May 1st.

An interview had been arranged (re prices at the Linotype works) between the Secretaries & Mr. Lewis (the manager) to take place on May 9th.

A letter was read from Mrs. Ashwell Cooke re: Investigation Committee in which she reported that owing to the scarcity of workers it had been decided to discontinue the Committee for the present.  Miss Bulley suggested that investigation should be made into the state of organisation among women working in the cotton trade in Manchester.  The following ladies gave their names on being willing to take part in collecting information,  Mrs. Hobhouse, Mrs. Spence Weiss, Miss Spencer.

A. Amy Bulley