May 6th,1902

Council Meeting May 6th 1902

Present Miss Ashton (Chair), Miss Gaskell, Miss Cooke, Mrs. Hobhouse, Miss Pankurst, Mr. Kelley

Apologies were read from Miss Bulley, Mr. Herford, Miss Crompton.  A resolution was passed expressing the Council's sympathy with Miss Bulley on her recent bereavement.

The minutes of last meeting were read & passed.  The resignation of Mr. Rev.  W.  S. Caiger was accepted with regret.

Circulars were read from the Educational Association and the Bethesda Quarrymens  Union.

Financial Report

Receipts £          s          d
Subscriptions 34       19       0
Donations 2         2        6
Grants from Societies  4      15       0
 Rents for office 4      13       0

46          9       6

Payments £          s          d
Salaries 46       13       4
Rent Rates etc. 6            0        4
Stationery Printing &  Advertising 9            2        1
Postages & Telegrams  2          11      10
Travelling Expenses   0             1       0
Rent of Rooms & Expenses  1             4       3
Office Cleaning  2          12      0

68          4          10

Balance due to Bank   37          3            6

Petty cash Details for  April  
Stationery printing  £0         13          9
Office cleaning  0         10           0
Coals firewood  0          1          1
Stamps & telegrams 0            6          0

£1          10         10

It was reported re Tailoresses that Mrs. Dickenson had seen Mr. Flynn as arranged &  he had suggested that a letter should be sent from the Womens' Union to the Council of the A.  S.  T.  asking them for a further grant for organising among Tailoresses.  This had been done but no answer had as yet been received.  The matter was discussed by the Council and it was decided that in view of the good work done by Miss Kay  for the Society an effort should be made to retain her services for at least another year.  It was arranged that the Secretaries should find out if it was possible to come to an agreement with the Amalgamated Society of Tailors & Tailoresses by which this society should guarantee £26 towards Miss Kay’s salary.  If the agreement could be satisfactorily arranged it was decided to start a separate fund to raise the rest of the money.  That no time might be lost, the Secretaries were empowered to close with the Tailors' Society subject to the approval of Miss Bulley and to ask Miss Kay to resume the organising work at once.  It was considered impossible to ask her to leave her present work, unless a year’s salary £52 was guaranteed.  It was thought that this fund might be raised by private contributions and grants from Women's Trade Unions.

It was reported that the Weavers' Union was progressing satisfactorily, about 800 were paying in to the funds.  A meeting had been arranged in Ancoats for weavers May 8th Mr. Dale had lent  a schoolroom, & bills were being given out.  Since the union had been formed a price list had been put up in Mssrs. Howarths Mills, and the Committee had decided to compare the rates with those in other districts.

A. Amy Bulley