June 3rd, 1902

Council Meeting  June 3rd

Present Miss Bulley (chair), Miss Emily Cox, Mrs. Ashwell Cooke, Mrs. Hobhouse, Miss Ashton, Miss Crompton

Apologies from Miss Gaskell and Mr. Johnston.

Minutes of last meeting were read & passed.

Financial Report

Receipts Subscriptions  £41     1          6
Donations 2      2          6
Grants from Societies 14      15       0
Rents for Office 4       13       0

62      12       0
Salaries £58         6          8
Rent rates etc.  6          1          6
Stationery printing etc. 9          4          1
Postage & telegrams 2       17          10
Travelling expenses  0          1            0
Rent of Rooms  1          4            3
Office cleaning & repairs 3          5            6
Bank charges  0          4            2

£81               5            0
Due to Bank   £35. 18. 6
Details of Petty cash for May  
Stationery etc. £0       2          0
Office cleaning 0        11       6
Coal 0           1       2
Stamps & telegrams 0           6       0
Caretaker at  meeting 0           1       0

£1              1        8

The sub-Committee Minutes were read. It was reported that in answer to the letter from the Tailoresses' Committee the Tailors Amalgamation had granted £10 to the Society for organising purposes.  Since that Mr. Flynn had been approached again and it was finally arranged that the Amalgamation should find £26 provided that the Council would guarantee the other £26 and that Miss Kay should be asked to undertake the work for a year  at the rate of £1 a week.  For this purpose a special fund had been started.

A meeting had been held for weavers at St. James-the-Less school Ancoats.  There  was a small attendance.  Several of those present had taken books into the shed, and  the Secretaries were taking steps to find out the addresses of the weavers with a view to canvassing.  The weavers who attending had all been working at Armitage & Rigbys.  It was reported that representatives of the Council and of the various unions in connection with it had attended the Manchester Conference of Trade Unionists and Co-operators against the Corn Tax.

At their request the following clause had been inserted into the Resolution passed at the Conference -The tax will moreover fall with great severity on women workers who, as a result of their absence of voting power have no possibility of making an adequate protest against it.

A letter had been received by the Federation of Women Workers from the Spinners' Society calling attention to the introduction of the Pittsburgh system at the Linotype Works, Broadheath, & inviting them to appoint representatives to discuss the matter with the men’s representatives.

A letter was read from Miss Pankhurst asking the Council to appoint her a member of the Organisation sub-Committee.  Mrs. Cooke moved, Mrs. Hobhouse seconded,  That Miss Pankhurst’s application be referred to the sub-Committee.

A.  Amy Bulley