July 7th, 1903

Council Meeting July 7th

Present Miss Bulley (chair), Miss Ashton, Miss Gaskell, Mrs. Ashwell Cooke, Miss Cox.

The minutes of last meeting were read and passed.

Mrs. Spencer Weiss’s resignation was considered.  It was decided to ask her to be a Vice-President.

The sub-Committee minutes were read and passed.

Miss Ashton moved, Mrs. Cooke seconded “that a list of all meetings arranged should be laid on the table at every Council meeting, so that the members of the Council should be notified of  coming meetings”.  Passed.

Letters were read from Miss Barlow saying that arrangements  for a drawing room meeting or garden party had fallen through.  It was decided to hold the matter over for the present.

It was reported that the weavers had held their first annual meeting on June 25th at the Temperance Hall Regent Road Salford.  The Annual Report & Balance sheet were passed and officers were elected for the coming year.  Representatives from the different weaving sheds were appointed to form a Committee.  There had been a good attendance.

A meeting had been held for winders at the Spiritualist Hall, Tipping   Street which in spite of a good deal of canvassing had not been successful.  The Winders' Committee were meeting on Thursday July 16th to discuss what steps to take.

A letter had been received from the Sligo dressmakers asking for help in forming a union.  Information had been given & as much assistance as possible.

The Bookbinders Conference had been put off till the autumn (re “Female Labour”).

  It was decided to send a memorandum to Mr. Balfour & the local M.P.s  about the Trades Disputes Commission claiming representatives on the Commission if it was to be formed on a representative basis, on the ground that the cotton trade in Lancashire  Yorkshire & Cheshire contained far the largest number of skilled women workers in the country.

Proposed by Miss Bulley seconded by Miss Ashton & that the Council do not meet in August.

Treasurers Report


Subscriptions £57.        4.           6
Donations 24.        1.           0
Grants 23.        2.           4
Rents 0          9.           0
Salaries £70         0             0
Rent rates etc. 11.        8             3
Petty cash 13         0             0
Bank overdraft  £47         10           0


A. Amy Bulley