July 4th, 1905

Council Meeting on July 4th 1905

Present Miss Bulley (chair), Miss Margaret Ashton, Miss Hessie, Miss Emily Cox, Miss Crompton, Mrs. Ashwell Cooke, Mrs. Eddie, Mr. H.  V.  Herford, Mr. T.  R.  Marr, Mrs. O.  M.  Aldridge (Secretary).

Apology.  Letter received from Mr. Councillor J. Johnston expressing regret at non attendance.

Minutes.  Minutes of previous meeting read and confirmed.

Sub-Committee Minutes.  The Minutes of the Organisation Sub-Committee were read by Miss Emily Cox.

Heaton Park Demonstration.  The Secretary reported she had attended the “Labour Demonstration” in Heaton Park on July 2nd  & had moved the Second Resolution from no.  3 Platform which dealt with the “Trades Dispute  Bill”.

Representation of “Women Leather Workers” and Women Confectioners.  The Representation of the  two new unions on the Council was then discussed & the Secretary was instructed to ask the Women Leather Workers’ Society & Women Confectioners’ Society to appoint members to attend.

Representation of the “Leather Workers” & “Confectioners”.  It was further agreed that the men’s societies of “Fancy Leather Workers” & “Bakers & Confectioners” be invited to nominate  representative.  This was moved by Miss Ashton & seconded by Mr. T.  R.  Marr.

The Treasurer then gave a report of finances of the Council.  After some discussion it was resolved that all unions in the district which had previously contributed should be asked to renew their grants for the current year.  Miss Ashton then moved “That the sum of £50 be transferred from the Emergency fund to the General Account the sanction of Executors of Donor having been obtained.” Mr. Herford seconded.  This was carried.

Renewal of  Secretary’s Appointment.  The renewal of Secretary’s appointment was then taken.  Miss Ashton moved & Mr. Marr seconded “That this Council recognizes the excellent work that Mrs. Aldridge has done, feels every confidence in her abilities & begs her to  accept reappointment as Secretary to the Council at a salary of £100 a year with a minimum of six weeks holiday in the year & subject to the customary month’s notice on either side.” Mrs. Aldridge accepted.

English Woman's Year Book.  The paragraph for insertion in The English Woman’s Year Book was revised & names of President &  Secretary added.

A. Amy Bulley