January 25th, 1898

Meeting of Council, 3 pm, Tuesday, January 25th, 1898

Room 3. Floor 3. 9 Albert Square.

Present Mrs. C. E. Schwann Chair proposed by Mrs Arnold, seconded by Miss Gaskell. Mrs. Arnold, Miss Gaskell, Miss Higginson, Mrs. Redford, Rev. J. Green, Mr. G. Barber, Mr. J. Johnston, Mr. J. J. Dickson, Councillor Brocklehurst.

Apologies were received from Miss Ashton, Mrs. Lyttleton, Miss Bulley, Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Hatch M. P.

As the meeting was a special one the minutes of the last Council meeting were held over.

The annual report was read to the meeting & carefully considered. Several amplifications were resolved upon. It was further decided to consult the Secretary of the Upholsteresses' Society as to the terms of reference to the Society in the annual report.

Mrs. Arnold moved and Miss Gaskell seconded that the report be adopted printed & circulated. Carried.

It was then suggested that as the Council list contained the names of some people who did not appear to have any appreciable interest in the work it might be desirable to consider their membership as having come to an end. Mrs. Arnold proposed & Rev. T. Green seconded that the following members be communicated with, & asked whether they wish to continue their membership, & reminded that subscriptions were due. (Mr. W. Armstrong, Mrs. Mumford, Miss Adams, Mrs. C. C. Green, Mr. Councillor Southern, Mr. Councillor Sutton, Mr. & Mrs. Alex Wilson. Mrs. Smith, Miss Matthews, Mr. J. Hodge, Mr. J. Harker)

Arising out of this matter the question of holding the Council meetings in the afternoon was discussed, the evening being as inconvenient for some of the Council members as was the afternoon for others. It was suggested that the meetings should be held alternately in the afternoon & the evening, but this was not thought to be a desirable arrangement. Miss Gaskell proposed & Mr. G. Barber seconded that the meetings continue to be held in the evening. Carried.

The names of three new members were then suggested. Miss Wilgar Linotype Workers, Miss Forsyth Society of Women in Bookbinding & Printing Trades, Miss Adamson Upholsteresses' Society. Miss Gaskell proposed & Mrs. Arnold seconded that Miss Wilgar, Miss Forsyth & Miss Adamson be invited to join the Council. Carried unanimously.

It was proposed by Mrs. Arnold & and seconded by Miss Higginson that Mr.& Mrs. Hobhouse be asked to join the Council & that Mr. Hobhouse be also asked to join the Executive Committee. Carried unanimously.

Mrs. Schwann proposed & Mrs. Arnold seconded that the salaries of the organising secretaries be increased by £10 in each case. This was carried unanimously.

It was resolved that a letter of condolence should be sent to Miss Ashton on the death of her father.

A. Amy Bulley