January 18th, 1899

Meeting of Council 9 Albert Square, January 18th, 1899, 3 pm

Present Miss Bulley Chair, Mrs. W J. Arnold, Miss Dodd, Miss Edith Wilson, Miss Gaskell, Miss Mildred Spencer, Miss Higginson, Mrs. Sidgwick, Mrs. Hobhouse, Mrs. E. Spence Weiss, Mr. Hobhouse, Mr. Entwistle, Professor Weiss, Rev. C. Peach, Mrs. Alexander Wilson

Apologies were received from Mrs. Schwann, Miss Hertz, Canon Hicks.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and passed.

The annual report was read and carefully considered.

The balance sheet was also read.

Professor Weiss moved the adoption of the report and balance sheet & Mrs. Alex Wilson seconded. Carried.

It was reported that since the last meeting of the Council a drawing room had been held on November 17th, 1898 at which Mrs. Schwann, Miss Bulley, Professor Flux, Miss Ashwell & Mrs. Dickenson & Mr. Herford spoke. The meeting had been very successful and had the result of securing new subscribers to the Council.

Miss Bulley moved and Professor Weiss seconded a vote of thanks to Mrs. Arnold for her kindness in arranging the meeting and lending her drawing room. Carried.

Mrs. Sidgwick moved a vote of thanks to Messrs. Guthrie chartered accountants for auditing the books of the Council. This was seconded by Mrs. Arnold. Carried.

Professor Weiss moved and Miss Higginson seconded that the Executive Committee for the ensuing year consist of the following members.

Miss Bulley Chair, Mr. Councillor Arrandale Vice Chair, Mrs. Arnold, Miss Margaret Ashton, Miss Emily Cox, Miss Crompton, Mrs. Hobhouse, Mr. Entwistle, Mr. Flynn, Professor Flux, Rev. C. Peach, Mr. Nuttall, Mr. Harker, Mr. Dickson, Mr. Herford. Treasurer, Mrs. Schwann. Hon. Sec.


It was then reported that a letter had been received from the Hon. Sec. of the Manchester branch of the National Union of Women Workers asking the Council to affiliate with the N.U.W.W. After some discussion Mrs. Sidgwick moved and Miss Wilson seconded that the Council decide to affiliate with the N.U.W.W. provided that no regulations likely to widen the Council’s course of action are involved.

Professor Weiss proposed and Mr. Hobhouse seconded that the question of affiliation be held over till the next meeting of the Council for fuller consideration. The amendment was put to the meeting and carried, 8 votes against 4 in favour of affiliation. The original motion was therefore lost.

It was moved by Professor Weiss & seconded by Mr. Entwistle that the Hon. The Rev. W. Lyttleton and Mrs. Lyttleton be invited to become Vice Presidents of the Council. Carried

The reports of work done by the Organising Secretaries had to be held over for later considerations, other business having taken up the time of the meeting.

The Secretary then stated that the annual meeting of the Council would take place on January 31st in the Y.M.C.A. Hall, subscribers meeting at 7.15 in the Committee Room, public meeting at 8 o’clock in the larger hall.

It was hoped that Mr. George Harwood M.P. would take the chair, and the chief speaker will be Mrs. H.T. Tenant, late H.M. Superintending Inspector of Factories.

A.W. Flux