January 7th, 1902

Council Meeting January 7th  1902

Present Miss Bulley (chair), Miss Cox, Miss Kay, Miss Gaskell, Mrs Roberts, Miss Crompton, Miss Wilson, Mr. Johnston, Mr. Harker, Mrs. Hobhouse, Miss Ashton, Mr. Herford

Minutes read and passed.

Apology from Mrs  Ashwell Cooke.

It was reported by Miss Bulley re electric workers that an advance of 2/s all round had been granted by Mr. Mather to the women employed at the Salford Iron Works.

Mr. Johnstone moved that Mrs. Schwann’s resignation be accepted with regret.  Seconded by Mrs. Roberts. The Council expressed their appreciation of her work in the past, & their gratitude for her kind promise of interest and help in the future.

The appointment of an Hon.  Secretary was then discussed.

Mr. Johnstone moved Miss Ashton seconded, That the appointment of an Hon. Secretary be for the present deferred.  This resolution was put to the vote and carried unanimously.

Mr. Herford gave the Financial Report.


To  Balance forward                                       £1        1      8

Subscriptions                                                   143     1       0

Donations                                                             15     1       0

Collections at meetings                                       8    12      0

Grants from Trade Societies                             20   15      0

Rents from use of office                                       4    19      0

193        9      8


Salaries                                                  140                 0          0

Rent rates etc                                          28                4          1

Stationery printing advt                       16                7          9

Postage telegrams                                   5               12         3

Travelling expenses                                 0               13         4

Rooms expenses for Meeting               5              16         6

Office cleaning & repairs                       9                 3          2

Bank charges                                             0                 4          7

206                 1          8

Petty cash in hand                                £1                  13          3

Due to bank                                             14                  8          7

Miss Ashton moved and Mr. Johnstone seconded that the accounts for the year should be passed.

The difficulty of organising in the Fancy Box making trade was discussed.  In view of the hostility shown by the Employers Federation, it was decided to try some of the wholesale firms that make their own boxes.  Miss Bulley consented to see Mr.T Johnson of the firm of S.  J.  Watts & Co. with a view to finding out the attitude of this firm.

The Report was read and passed subject to certain additions & alterations, moved by Miss Wilson seconded by Miss Gaskell.  Arrangements for the Annual Meeting were discussed.  The Lord Mayor had granted the use of the Mayor’s Parlour for January 31st.  Miss Bulley undertook to make arrangements, if possible, for tea at the meeting.

Miss Tuckwell with Miss Ford & Miss Wilson had consented to speak at the meeting.  Mr. Harker proposed Mr. Johnston seconded that Miss Christabel Pankhurst be asked to join the Council.  Carried.

Mr. Herford moved Miss Ashton second that Miss Rowlette be also asked to become a member of the Council.

A. Amy Bulley