January 22nd 1901

Meeting of Council, January 22nd 1901

Present Miss Bulley Chair, Miss Crompton, Miss Ashton, Miss Gaskell, Miss Cooke, Miss M. Spencer, Miss Faraday, Mr. Johnstone, Mr. Entwistle, Mr. Steinthal.

Apologies were received from Miss Olga Hertz, Mrs. Roberts. The minutes of the last meeting were read and passed. A letter was read from Miss Elizabeth Howarth saying that she was unable to join the Committee and suggesting Miss Margaret Kemp as a substitute. The matter of Miss Kemp’s selection was referred to the Annual Meeting. Letters were read from Miss Hertz & Mr. Barber containing their resignations. Pressure of other work was the reason given in both cases.

A deputation from the Council had waited on the Productive Committee of the Cooperative Society with regard to the action of the Manager at the Lower Broughton tailoring factory. The manager had steadily worked against the Women’s Union by victimising the members and in many ways treating them unfairly. The deputation (which consisted of Miss Bulley, Mr. Johnston & the Secretaries) laid the details of the case before the Committee, giving the name and the statement of each aggrieved individual. The Committee assured the deputation that the matter should be thoroughly sifted. A letter had since been received from Mr. Broderick, Secretary of the Committee, in answer to the charges brought against their manager. The manager denied all knowledge as to which of the employees were trade unionists and claimed to have always maintained a friendly attitude towards the union. The letter had already been discussed by the Tailoresses' Committee. They advanced evidence to prove that the Co-op Committee had been misinformed. Mr. Johnstone moved, Miss Ashton seconded that the Secretaries write to the Co-op giving the facts as stated by the girls and suggesting that an enquiry should be made to substantiate the statement of the workers. Carried unanimously.

The question of reconstituting the Council was discussed. Mr. Johnstone moved Mr. Steinthal seconded, that notice be given to subscribers before the Annual Meeting of a resolution to be brought forward re- change of rules and constitution of the Council. Proposed by Miss Cooke seconded by Mr. Johnstone, that the annual meeting be held February 5th at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Miss Gore-Booth read the Annual Report to the Council.Mr. Johnston moved Miss Crompton seconded, that the Report and Balance sheet be printed & presented at the Annual Meeting.

At Mrs. Schwann’s request Mr. Simon of Didsbury had offered to give a drawing room meeting. The date was not yet fixed.

A. Amy Bulley