January 16th, 1900

Meeting of Council, 3.00 pm,  January 16th  1900

Present Miss Bulley  Chair, Miss Ashton, Mrs. Redford, Miss E Cox, Miss M Spencer, Miss Higginson, Mrs. Sidgwick, Mrs. Spence Weiss, Mrs. Hobhouse, Miss Crompton, Mr. Entwistle, Mr. Harker

Apologies were received from Mrs. C. E. Schwann, Miss Gaskell, Professor Flux, Miss Olga Hertz, Mr. J. J. Dickson, Canon Hicks, Mr. Herford.

The minutes of the last Council meeting were read and passed.

Miss Ashwell read the fifth annual report & balance sheet.

The report was considered in detail & passed, and ordered to be printed and circulated.

Miss Eva Gore Booth was unanimously elected to serve on the Council.  Proposed by Mrs. Sidgwick and seconded by Miss Ashton.  Miss Cox moved that Mrs. Roberts be elected as a member of the Council.  This was seconded by Miss Bulley & carried.

The following members were proposed for the Executive  Committee by Miss Higginson and seconded by Mrs Sidgwick.

Chairman Miss Bulley, Vice chairman Mr. Councillor Arrandale J.P., Miss M. Ashton, Miss E. Gore-Booth, Miss E Cox, Miss Crompton, Mr. J. J. Dickson, Mr. F. Entwistle JP, Mr. Flynn, Professor Flux, Mrs. Hobhouse, Mr. Harker, Mr. Herford, Mr. Nuttall, Rev. C. Peach, Mrs. C. E. Schwann


Miss Ashton moved that a vote of thanks be sent to Messrs. Guthrie Chartered Accountants for again auditing the books of the Council.  This was seconded by Miss Crompton & carried.

An invitation had been received from the North of England Society for promoting the election of women to serve on a local governing bodies,  to send two representatives of the Council to take part in a conference to be held on Friday January 19th in the Lord Mayor’s Parlour.  The subject of the conference was the support of Mr. Courtney’s amendment relating to the exclusion of women from London Vestries. Miss Cox proposed & Mr. Harker seconded that the council accept the invitation.  Carried.

Miss Bulley & Miss Spencer were elected to represent the Council.

Miss Bulley reported to the council that Mrs. Schwann had offered to resign the post of Hon.  Secretary & said that she had written urging her not to do so.  The Council expressed at hope that Mrs. Schwann would continue in office & that they would not be deprived of her valuable service.

Margaret Ashton March 6 1900.