January 10th, 1905

Council Meeting held on January 10th 1905

Present Miss Bulley (in the chair), Mr. H.  V.  Herford, Mrs. F.  C.  Ashwell Cooke, Miss Margaret Ashton, Miss Emily Cox, Miss Crompton, Miss J. Gaskell, Miss Faraday, Mr. T.  R.  Marr, O.  M.  Aldridge (Secretary).

Apologies.  Mr. Councillor Johnston wrote regretting inability to attend the meeting.

Minutes.  Minutes of previous meeting read & confirmed.

Increase of Rent.  Letter was read from the Scottish Provident Association asking for an increase of £3 on  yearly rent.  The matter was left in the hands of the Treasurer.

Winders Special Fund Balance.  Miss Whalley (Secretary of the Winders Union) wrote saying she could not accept the Council’s invitation to attend the meeting.  In pursuance of the decision of the Council Meeting on June 7th 1904 it was agreed on the motion of Miss Ashton & Miss Gaskell   that “Miss Bulley should write to the Winders' Union asking them to appoint one of their members to receive the £20.”

President. Moved by Mrs. Cooke& and seconded by Miss Ashton that Mr. C.  E.  Schwann, M.P.  be asked to become the Council’s President in place of Sir William Mather.  A unanimous vote was given.

Annual Report. Proof of the Annual Report was read & discussed & some alterations were made.

Annual Meeting.  It was announced that Mr. Johnston had arranged for the Annual Meeting to be held in the Lord Mayor's Parlour on Tuesday, February 7th.  Arrangement of details were left with the sub-Committee. 

Correspondence re- Education Committee.   Moved by Mr. Marr & seconded by Miss Ashton the reply be send to Town Clerk to effect  that “ This Council being  the body named in the Education Scheme & approved by  the Board of Education to which represensation was given still claimed the right to nominate a representative”.

A. Amy Bulley