February 5th, 1895

Women's Trades Union Council
First Council meeting held at the Town Hall, Manchester

Tuesday, February 5th, 1895

Present Mr. Alexander Forrest in the Chair
Mrs. Arnold, The Hon. Mrs Lyttleton, Mr. S. Beckley, Rev. The Hon, A. J. Lyttleton, Miss Cooke, Mr. W. Mosses, Miss Cox, Rev. J. Dormer Pierce, Miss Emily Cox, Dr. Rhodes, Miss Dodd, Mrs. Schwann, Mr. F. Entwistle, Mr. C.P. Scott, Mr. F. A. Flynn, Mrs. C. P. Scott, Mr. A. W. Flux, Mr. Councillor Sutton, Mrs. C. C. Green, Professor Tout, Miss J.B. Gaskell, Professor Weiss, Rev. Thos. Green, Mr. A. Wilson, Rev. Cannon Hicks, Mrs. Walton, Secretary - Federation of Women Workers, Mr. J. Hodge, Mr. H. Horsman.

Resolved That William Mather, Esq. M.P., be appointed President of the Union.
Resolved That Mrs. Arnold be appointed Chairman of the Council.
Resolved That Mrs. Schwann be appointed Honorary Secretary.
Resolved That Mr. Alexander Forrest be appointed Honorary Treasurer

Memorandum Mr. Forrest reported the following Donations as having been received or promised;-
Anonymous £100.0.0
C. J.Heywood £10.0.0
Miss Ashton £10.0.0
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold £5.0.0
C. E. Schwann, M.P. £10.0.0
Alexander Forrest £10.0.0
C. E. Montague £3.3.0
Mrs. Marie E. Eckhart £ 2.2.0
Mrs. Rose Hyland £10.0.0

Resolved That the following be appointed Members of the Council;-
Miss Adams, Mr. Thos. Johnson, Mr. N. K. Armitage, Rev. F. D. Pierce, Mrs. Bridgford, Mr. Redford, Mr. J. J. Dickson, Rev. Bernard Vaughan, Mr. John Harker, Miss Weiss, Mrs. Rose Hyland, Dr. Alex. Wilson

Memorandum The question of the appointment of Sub-Committees was considered and after considerable disussion it was
Resolved That the following be appointed a Special Committee to draw up a scheme setting forth the objects, rules, etc. of the Council.
Mrs. W. J.Arnold, Mr. Hodge, Mrs. Schwann, Mr. Horsman, Mr. Forrest, Mr. J. D. Kelley, Miss. A. Cooke, The Honorable Mrs. Lyttleton, Mr. Entwistle, Mr. Mosses, Mr. Flynn, Mr. C. P.Scott
And that Mrs. Arnold be appointed the convenor.
Resolved That the appointment of an Organising Secretary be referred to the Sub-Committee to select and recommend a candidate to the Council for election.
C.P. Scott

Meeting of the Organisation Committee Tuesday, February 5th 1895

Present The Hon. Mrs. Lyttleton in the Chair, Mrs. Arnold Mr. Forrest, Miss Cooke, Mr. Hodge, Mr. Entwistle, Mr. Horsman, Mr. Flynn, Mr. Mosses, Mrs. Schwann

Resolved That the following recommendations be made to the Council;-
1.) That for the present only one paid officer be employed and that she be called the Organising Secretary.
2.) That a communication be sent to the various Trades Union organisations apprising them of the vacancy existing for the Organizer of this Council.
3.) That the official salary to be paid shall be £90.
4.) That an office be taken in some suitable district of Manchester, at a rent not exceeding £20.00.
5.) That the same be furnished with due regard to economy.

C.P. Scott