February 14th, 1895

Meeting of the Organisation Committee, Thursday, February 14th, 1895

Present Mr. C.P. Scott in the Chair
Mrs. Arnold, Mr. Hodge, Mr. Entwistle, Mr. Horsman, Mr. Forrest, Mr. Kelley, Mr. Flynn, Mr. Mosses
Apologies for non-attendance from the Hon. Mrs. Lyttleton and Mrs. Schwann.

Memorandum The Minutes of the previous Meetings of the Committee, February 5th and 7th were read and confirmed.

Memorandum Mr. Forrest reported that Mrs. Arnold and he had seen the room (No.3) at 9 Albert Square approved of the recommendation to secure the room at a rental of £20 per annum.

Memorandum The draft constitution of the Council was discussed clause by clause and the terms agreed to.

Resolved That Mr. H. Preston, Treasurer of the Manchester and Salford Trades Council, and the following members of the Committee of the Federation of Women Workers be recommended for election on the Council:-
Mrs. Millington (President)
Miss Welsh (Secretary)
Miss Fallows (Asst. Secretary)
Miss Ross, Miss Stubbs, Miss Matthews, Mrs. Walton

Meeting of the Council, Thursday February 14th 1895

Present Mr. C. P. Scott in the Chair
Mrs. Arnold, Mr. Forrest, Mr. Kelley, Mr. V. K Armitage, Mr. Flux, Mr. Mosses, Mr. Arrandale, Mr. C. C. Green, Rev. F. D. Pierce, Mr. Dickson, Rev. J. J. Green, Mrs. Redford, Miss Dodd, Mr. Harker, Mr. Arthur Roby, Mr. Entwistle, Rev. Canon Hicks, Mr. Swanwick, Mrs. Eckhart, Mr. Hodge, Miss Wilson, Mr. Flynn, Mr. Horsman, Mr. A. Wilson

Memorandum The minutes of the meeting of the Council of February 5th were read and signed.
The minutes of the meeting of the Organisation Committee, February 5th and 7th and of the meeting this day were read.

Resolved That on the recommendation of the Organisation Committee Mr. Armstrong, Mr H. Preston, and the following members of the Committee of the Federation of Women Workers be added to the Council:-
Miss Fallows, Mrs. Millington, Miss Matthews, Mrs. Walton, Miss Ross, Miss Stubbs and Miss Welsh

Resolved that the following recommendations of the Organising Committee be adopted:-

  1. That an Organising Secretary be appointed at an initial salary of £90.00 per annum.
  2. That the draft letter to various Trade Union organisations requesting applications for the post of Organising Secretary, be left in their hands of the Executive Committee.
  3. That room no. 3 at 9 Albert Square be engaged at a rental of £20 per annum and that the Executive be authorised to furnish it.
  4. That the official title of the Association be The Manchester, Salford & District Women’s Trades Union Council.
  5. That the objects of the Council be:
    1. To promote new and encourage existing organisations amongst women workers.
    2. To collect and publish information about the conditions under which women work with a view to influencing public opinion and promoting legislation for the improvement of their conditions of labour.
    3. To endeavour by all legitimate means to improve such conditions, by obtaining for women workers fair and uniform wages, shorter hours and sanitary workrooms.
  6. That the Council shall elect annually an Executive Committee, consisting of 12 of their number together with the following office bearers of the Council viz:- Chairman, Vice Chairman, Hon. Secretary & Hon.Treasurer, and in addition thereto, that all Women’s Trades Unions represented on the Council, shall be entitled to elect one member to sit on the Executive Committee. Seven to form a quorum.
  7. That the following form the Executive Committee for the first year. Mrs. Arnold, Mr. Flynn, Mr. Kelley, Miss Olga Hertz, Mr. Mosses, Mrs. Rose Hyland, Mr. Hodge, Mr. Scott, Mr. Entwhistle, Mr. Horsman, Mr. Arthur Roby
  8. That the Hon. Mrs. Lyttelton be appointed Chairman of the Executive Committee.
  9. That the Executive Committee have powers to appoint Sub-Committees and to add to such Sub-Committees any members of the Council specially qualified to assist such Sub-Committees.
  10. That the Executive Committee meet on the first Tuesday in each month or oftener as required.
  11. That subject to their consent being obtained, the following be elected Vice-Presidents of the Council:
    The Right Hon the Lord Mayor of Manchester
    His Worship the Mayor of Salford
    The Right Hon. the Lord Bishop of Manchester
    Sir William Hy. Houldsworth, Bart. M.P.
    The Right Hon. A. J. Balfour. M.P.
    Rev. Father Bernard Vaughan
    Charles Heywood, Esq’re.
  12. That the Council meet at least once every three months.

Resolved That a Report of the proceedings of the Council, this day, be communicated to the Press.

Charles E. Schwann