February 5th, 1901

Annual Meeting of Subscribers, February 5th 1901

Held  at the office.

Miss Bulley in the Chair.

Apologies for absence were read from Mrs. Schwann, Mr. Herford, Rev.  C. Peach,  Mrs. Redford.

Resolution to adopt Report and Balance sheet proposed by Miss Worthington, seconded by Miss Wilson.  Carried unanimously.

Resolution.  That the Council and Committee be merged into one body which should for the future meet monthly to transact the business  of the Society.

Moved by Mr. Johnston, seconded by Miss  Ashton.  Carried.

Miss Cox moved “that each member of the Council be given notice of the change and asked to join the Council in its new form.” Seconded by Miss Ashton, carried.

A resolution to elect the officers and Council for the New Year was moved by Miss Worthington, seconded by Miss Wilson.  Mr. Johnston moved that Miss Kemp and Mr. Caiger  be elected on to the Council.  Seconded by Mrs. Cook.  Carried.  The following have sent in their resignation; Mr. Heywood, Miss Hertz, Canon Hicks, Miss Cooke, Rev. S. A. Steinthal.

A. Amy Bulley