February 3rd, 1903

Council Meeting  February 3rd 1903

Present Miss Bulley (chair), Miss Cox, Miss Kay, Miss. Pankhurst, Miss Rowlette.

Apologies Miss Ashton  Mr. Kelley, Mrs. Cooke.  Minutes of last meeting were read & passed.

The strike of Shirt Makers at Rotherham had ended satisfactorily, as a result of the deputation to head of the firm in Manchester.  The Rotherham Shirt Makers have formed the  members  into a branch of the Shirt Makers' union.

The minutes of the Special Meeting were read and passed.  Re Education Committee Mrs. Dickenson reported that she and Miss Kay had again interviewed Sir James Hay and Mr. Reynolds, with very satisfactory results.  The matter was discussed, and Miss Rowlette moved “that the Council formally endorse the nomination of the candidate of the Combined Committee of the Womens Unions (Miss Gore-Booth) for the Education Committee of the Manchester Town Council.”

The resolution was seconded by Miss Cox and carried.

Miss Kay reported that the Tailoresses had held their Annual Social in the Salford Town Hall.  There had been a good attendance.

A meeting had been held for Langworthys weavers at S Peters  school.  The membership was slowly increasing.  The Secretaries had been on a deputation to Mr. Turner (Manager at Howarths Mills) on the subject of the reduction in wages amounting to 5/-in the pound and the excessive fines.  Mr. Turner did not deny the reduction, but said it was due to changes in the machinery & temporary disorganisation and asked the weavers to wait for a month before they took any further action.

Re electric workers meeting in Trafford Park Mrs. Dickenson was in communication with the Secretary of the Hulme branch of the Engineers Union.

An application was considered from the Tolstoi Society for the use of the office.  It was granted at the usual rates.

Treasurers Report (Receipts)

Subscriptions £14.  6
Donations 1.1.
Grants 1.1. 0
Salaries £11.  13.  4
Petty cash 4.    0.   0
Details  of Petty Cash (for Jan)
Postage and telegrams 1.  4.0
Office cleaning 15.6
Bank overdraft   £52.  5.  1

Elizabeth  D. Schwann.