February 28th, 1905

Council Meeting held February 28th 1905

Present Miss Bulley (chair), Miss Cox, Miss Crompton, Miss Gaskell, Miss Simpson, Miss Hesse, Mrs. Findlay, Mrs. Cooke, Mrs. Conway, Mrs. Hadden, Mr. Marr, Mr. Mallon, Rev.  J.  J.  James, O. M.  Aldridge (Secretary).

Apologies.  Letters were read from Miss Margaret Ashton &  Mrs. Edddie regretting inability to attend.

Minutes.  Minutes of last meeting read and confirmed.

Winders Fund.  The Secretary replied that the £20 had been paid to the Winders' Union & an official acknowledgement had been received by Mr. Herford.

Lancashire & Cheshire Union of Women Liberal Associations.  A letter was read from Executive of the Lancs & Cheshire Union Women’s Liberal Association asking the Council for use of office every Tuesday from 10-1 o’clock & one other morning during the month.

On the motion of Mr. Marr& Miss Gaskell agreed to grant  use of office on days mentioned at rental of 10/-per month or £5.5 per annum.

Model Factory Bill. A circular from the Women’s Trade Union League was read inviting the Council to suggest amendments to the 1901 Factory Act with a view to their incorporation in the Model Factory Bill shortly to be reintroduced in Parliament by Mr. H.  J.  Tennant. Agreed that copies of the Model Bill be sent to each member of the Council.

Shaftesbury Trust Lecture. The advisability of arranging for an illustrated lecture on “Ideal Conditions of Labour” by Mr. Budgett Meakin of the Shaftesbury Lecturer Trust was then discussed.  Mr. J.J. Mallon & Mrs. Cooke seconded that efforts be made to arrange such a meeting at an early date.

Annual Meeting.  Reported that Annual meeting had been held in Lord Mayor’s Parlour on February 7th.

Sewing Machinists Union . The Secretary reported that regular meetings in connection with the Sewing Machinists Union were being held & that the union membership was slowly increasing.

India Rubber Workers. Mr. J.  H.  Swindells (Secretary) & Mr. Broomhead of the India Rubber Workers Union has been seen & both had expressed  willingness to assist in the organisation of the women working in the trade.

Baker’s & Confectioners Union.  The Branch Committee of the Bakers’ & Confectioners’ Union had been addressed by the Council’s Secretary with the view of discovering room for organisation work amongst the women employed in the flour confectionery trade & of securing the assistance & sympathy of the Bakers’ & Confectioners’ Union in the work.  This union pledged themselves to assist the council in all possible ways.  Mrs. Cooke moved Miss Gaskell seconded  motion instructing Secretary to proceed with organisation of Confectioners.

Margaret Ashton April 4 1905.