December 3rd, 1901

Council Meeting December 3rd 1901

Miss Bulley (in the Chair), Miss Cox, Miss Gaskell, Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Cooke, Miss Wilson, Miss Faraday, Mrs. Hobhouse.

An apology was read from Miss Crompton.  Minutes passed.

Miss Bulley reported that she had had some correspondence with Mr. Mather re electric workers.  An advance of wages had been asked for by the women employed as his works.  Mr. Mather had promised to look into the matter, and see what could be done.

Miss Cox reported that Mrs. Weiss was unable to serve on the sub-Committee, owing to press of other engagements.  Mrs. Hobhouse and Mr. Johnson had expressed their willingness to serve.  Miss Wilson moved Miss Gaskell seconded that the sub-Committee consist of Miss Cox, Mr. Johnson and Mrs. Hobhouse.  Passed unanimously.

Mr. Herford’s report was then read and passed. 

Financial Report (January to November 30th 1901)


Balance in Bank                                               0          14       4

Subscriptions                                             137           13       6

Donations                                                         1          15       0

Grants                                                                19           0       0

Rents for Room                                                 3          19       0

Don; to meet Deficit                                       10           0       0

Collection at Meetings                                     8         12       0

Bank Interest                                                      0           2       0

181         15     10


Salaries                                                         128              6       8

Petty cash                                                     28

Rent  rates taxes                                          21             17        5

Stationery etc.                                                6             12        6

Annual Meeting                                             3                2

Bank charges                                                  0                7          0

£188            5           7

Balance Petty cash                                      £2             16          6

Deposit at  Bank                                            6                 9         9

188             5         7

It was reported that Miss Kay had been appointed organiser for the Tailoresses' Society.  She had already done a good deal of visiting and persuaded some new members to join.  Miss Kay  was now able to attend Council meetings, as she had given up her tailoring work.  It was decided to ask her to become a member of the Council.  The difficulty at the Coop was also discussed.  The Council thought it would be advisable to approach the Directors again on the subject of the reduction.  The Secretaries were instructed to collect as much information as possible as to the amount taken home weekly by the workers with a view to taking action  early in the New Year.

The Cap Makers were holding weekly meetings at the office.

The Folders and Sewers had had a slight increase of membership.

The Annual Meeting was discussed.  It was decided to have  a public meeting and  the following speakers were to be asked, Mrs. Lyttleton, Miss Tuckwell, Miss Ford & Mrs. Wilson.  Failing any of these, the matter was to be arranged between Miss Bulley and the Secretaries.

A. Amy Bulley