December 2, 1902

Council Meeting (December 2) 1902

Present Miss Ashton (chair), Miss Gaskell, Mr. Johnston, Miss Cox, Mrs. Cooke, Miss. Pankurst, Mr. Entwistle, Miss Kay, Miss Crompton, Miss Kemp

The minutes of last meeting were read and passed.

Proposals for the Annual Meeting were discussed.  Mr. Johnston moved that the Lord Mayor be asked to grant the use of the Mayor's Parlour for the meeting & that the Lady Mayor be asked to provide tea.  Seconded by Miss Gaskell & carried.  Miss Gaskell moved that Canon Scott Holland or Bishop of Worcester be asked to speak.  Seconded by Mr. Johnston and carried.

It was reported that the new Weavers' Union in Pendleton was progressing satisfactorily.  Some new members had joined.  They were now  meeting at the office on Wednesday night with their Salford committee & collectors.  A meeting was being arranged for the weaver is working at Kenworthys' Mills in Greengate, Salford.

The Tailoresses' report was given by Miss Kay.  They had had a very successful meeting at Shamrock Hall.  There were over 100  present.  The meeting was mainly of a social character, but speeches were made and many of those present promised to join after Christmas.

Treasurer's Report

Receipts (January to November)

Subscriptions £116.  0.  6
Donations 4.  4.  6.
Grants 18.   18.  0
Rent    4.    13.  0 stop

Miss Gaskell had given £5 towards forming an Emergency Fund.

Salaries £128.  6.  8.
Rent rates etc.  22.  5.  8
Stationery printing etc 6.  19.  8
Expenses of meeting  3.    1.  0
Petty cash  19.  0.  0.
Bank charges 0.  18.  1.
Bank overdraft £51.  3.  8.
Details of petty cash for November
Stationery printing etc. 12.  4
Office cleaning    10.  3.
Coals & firewood  2.  8
Stamps & telegrams 6.  0


Miss Cox read the sub-Committee Minutes.  It was reported that a letter had been received from Miss Wilson (Women’s Trade Union League) asking for resolutions in the subject of sanitary conditions in mills.  As the matter was very pressing it had been referred to the sub-Committee, and resolutions has been passed by the different unions in connection with the Council and sent to the Home Secretary, the Labour members & the local M.P.s

A. Amy Bulley