August 1st, 1905

Council Meeting held on August 1st 1905

Present Miss A. Amy Bulley (chair), Miss Margaret Ashton, Miss Hesse, Miss Littlewood (Sewing Machinists), Mr. T.  R.  Marr, Mr. H.  A.  Crick (Bakers & Confectioners' Society), Rev.  J.  J.  James, O.  M.  Aldridge (Secretary)

Apologies.  Apologies for non attendance from Miss Gaskell, Mrs Findlay, Mrs. Ashwell Cooke, Miss Crompton & Mr. Mallon.

Council minutes.  Minutes of previous meeting read and passed.

Sub-Committee minutes.  In absence of Miss Cox the Secretary read the Minutes of Organisation Sub-Committee.

Represensation on Council.  The Bakers & Confectioners Society, in response to invitation, saying they had appointed Mr. Henry A. Crick, their District Organising Secretary, to represent them on the council.  Mr. Crick was present.

Fancy Leather Workers Society.  The Fancy Leather Workers Society wrote regretting inability to nominate a representative - none of their members being free to attend afternoon meetings.  The Secretary was instructed to ask them to reconsider their decision & nominate a representative when possible.

Unemployed Women.  The Council next considered the possibility of any useful action being taken re- unemployed women in the Manchester District & in emphasizing need for the passing of the Unemployed Bill.  After some discussion it was agreed that no immediate assistance could be given, owing to lack of reliable information, as to the extent of unemployment amongst women & that during the coming winter the Council should endeavour to collect information with a view to future action.

A. Amy Bulley