April 8th, 1902

Council Meeting April 8th 1902 3 pm

Miss Bulley  Chair, Miss Ashton, Mrs. Spencer Weiss, Miss Pankurst, Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Hobhouse, Rev.  W.  S.  Caiger.

An apology was read from Mr. J.  Kelly.

Minutes of last meeting read and passed.  A circular was read from the London Trades Council re the position of this country in regard to its food supply.  Their suggestion was to pass a resolution calling upon the government to institute an inquiry.

Miss Ashton moved that it lie on the table, sec.  Mrs. Roberts.

A circular from the National Democratic League was read.

Mr. Herford’s monthly statement was given as follows        

  £       s         d
Receipts          subscriptions   34   17       0
Donations   2       0       0
Grants 4      14      0
Rents 4      13       0
  £46    5             0

    £              s            d
Payments  Salaries  35              0            0
Rent  Rates etc   0              8        10
Stationery Printing etc  2-           1            2
Postages & Telegrams 2               5         10
Travelling Expenses 0               1          0
Rent of Rooms & exs of meetings 1               4           3
Office cleaning & Repairs  2               2           0
  £43            2            1
Due to Bank £11-16-1

Particulars of Petty Cash for the month of March 1902

  s          d
Stamps & Telegrams 7        0
Coals  2        4
Office Cleaning 12       0
Stationery Printing etc  2        0
  £1    3      4

The accounts were passed as read.

Mrs. Hobhouse read  the minutes of the last meeting of the sub-Committee.

Miss Bulley reported that a well attended meeting of weavers had been held at the Taylorson Street Board School, Salford on  1st March 19th.  The meeting  expressed itself in favour of a Union being formed & arrangements were made to get the names of all those willing to join.  Miss Bulley, Mrs. Hobhouse & the Secretaries were present at the meeting.

Since the meeting books had been sent into the weaving sheds & 720 women had given in their names.  Each shed had appointed a woman to form a committee.  A meeting was to be held on Thursday evening at the office.

The Council suggested that a meeting should be arranged for the weavers in Ancoats.

It was reported that the Tailoresses were steadily increasing their membership but unfortunately the Amalgamated Society of Tailors had decided to discontinue the organising work, & suggested that Miss Kay should go back to tailoring now that the trades was busy.

The Council expressed its  regret & instructed Mrs. Dickenson to see Mr. Flynn about the matter.  The Federation of  Women Workers had held their Annual Neeting at Broadheath on March 18th & the members had voted a grant of £10 to the Council's funds.


Margaret Ashton

May 6 1902