April 4th, 1906

Council Meeting April 4th 1906

Present Miss A. Amy Bulley (chair), Miss Hesse, Miss Cox, Miss Reilly, Mrs Ashwell Cooke, Mr.H.V. Herford, Miss Littlewood & the Secretary.

Apologies. Apologies for non-attendance received from Miss Ashton, Miss Crompton, Mrs. Findlay, Councillors Johnston & Marr.

Minutes Council. Minutes of previous meeting read & confirmed.

Minutes Sub Committee. Minutes of Sub Committee read by Miss Emily Cox.

Affiliation to British Association for  Labour Legislation. The question of affiliation with the British Association for Labour Legislation was again discussed - it was finally agreed that owing to the low state of the Council’s finances the members were not justified in spending money on other than purely organisation purposes.

Women’s Local Government Bill. The request of the Women’s Local Government Society was next considered that the Council should use their influence in securing the Second reading of the Local Government (Qualification of Women) Bill. Moved by Mrs.Aswell Cooke & seconded by Miss Reilly “That this Council, representing a large number of women approves of the Local Authoritied (Qualification of Women) Bill & urges local Members to be in their places & support its Second Reading on April 6th.” The Secretary was instructed to send copies of the resolution to local Members of Parliament & the local press.

Mrs. H. M. Swannick & Organisation of Women Employed as domestic servants. A letter was read from Mrs. H. M. Swannick calling attention to the need for organising women who were employed as domestic servants & asking whether the Council had definitely decided the regard the question as one outside the scope of its work. There was much discussion - the feeling expressed being that the task suggested was a very large & difficult one. That lack of funds would scarcely warrant the undertaking of new work the Council’s mission being primarily to factory workers. Miss Hesse moved & Mr. H. V.Herford seconded “That a letter be sent expressing sympathy with  Mrs.Swannick in her aims & whilst not pledging themselves either for or against the undertaking the work the Council should invite Mrs.Swannick to attend their next meeting on May 2nd & place her views before the Members.” This was carried with some opposition.

Sweated Goods Exhibition. The Secretary reported that “The Daily News” were willing that their “Sweated Goods Exhibition” should come to Manchester at sometime after its close in London. The Secretary was empowered to make any arrangements that did not entail any heavy financial responsibility on the Council.


A. Amy Bulley