April 18th, 1904

Special Meeting of Council,  April 18th 1904  3 o’clock

Present Miss Bulley Chair, Miss Cox, Miss Simpson, Miss Gaskell, Miss Pankhurst, Miss Ethel Faraday, Miss Rowton, Miss Crompton, Mr. Johnston, Mr. Marr.

Apologies were received from Miss Ashton, Mrs. Schwann, & Mr. Herford.

The meeting was called to discuss the financial position of the Winders' Union.  A serious fire had taken place at one of the Ancoats mills (Shaw & Jardines) & in consequence between 80 &  90 women had been thrown on the funds of the Union.  According to the rules, for six weeks, in case of stoppage caused by fire, but as the union had had only been in existence a year their funds were only sufficient to meet the claims for two weeks.  The sub-Committee had discussed the matter at their meeting on April 14th  & a circular had been drawn up & issued to trade societies in Manchester & District asking for help.  Miss Bulley reported that she had received  donations of £5 each from Miss Ashton, Miss Gaskell & Mrs. Schwann.  The Weavers' Union had lent £20 to meet the claims for the third week.  This was to be repaid to the Weavers from the fund, which was being raised to help, in the meantime the Secretaries were authorised to borrow from other unions if it was found necessary.

The Council made suggestions of people who might be likely to help & the members present agreed to write to their friends.

K. Rowton