September 9, 1914

Council Meeting held Wednesday, September 9 at 7 o’clock.

Present Miss E. Cox (chair), Miss Basnett, Miss Guffick, Miss Bailey, Miss Ashcroft, Mrs. F. E. A. Cooke, Mrs. Grierson, Miss Todd, Mr. H. V. Herford, Mr. Purcell.

Minutes. The minutes of the last meeting were read and passed.

Correspondence. A letter was read from the Liverpool Women’s Industrial Council stating that the proposed sweated industries exhibition to be held during October of this year was postponed indefinitely through the war.

Correspondence was read from Miss Gardiner thanking the Chairman and Treasurer for letters received and expressing her sincere regrets at the serious prospects before the Council caused by the war.

Sub-Committee Minutes. Special Sub-Committee. Sub Committee minutes were read. It was reported that a meeting had taken place of the Special Sub-Committee appointed to interview employers re-hours of labour etc. The Committee decided that the work could be done more efficiently by the Local Relief Committee and instructed the representatives of the Council to press the matter forward. This was done, and the Unemployment Relief Sub-Committee circularised all employers of labour, with the result that many of them accepted the suggestions put forward in the circular.

Joint Committee. A Joint Committee had been held to which sixteen unions had sent representatives. The question of unemployment was discussed and the reports from the various Unions proved satisfactory. A resolution was passed re-the making of shirts by voluntary workers.

Clothiers District Trade Board. Reported that the Clothiers' Union had nominated Miss Quaile to the District Trade Board of the Clothing Trade.

Reported that many sewing machinists had been personally canvassed and many Home Workers visited during the month.

Finance. Distress Committee.Tenancy of Office. A financial statement was given by the Treasurer. It was moved by Mr. Herford seconded by Mrs. Cooke that Miss E. Cox be nominated for the vacancy caused by Mrs. Aldridge on the Distress Committee. It was moved by Mr. Herford seconded by Mrs. Ashwell Cooke that in view of probable financial difficulties the Treasurer be empowered to give provisional notice of termination of tenancy of office on September 29th for March 25th 1915. This was carried and the meeting adjourned.

Emily Cox

October 14th 1914.