September 7th 1910

Council Meeting held Wednesday September 7th 1910


Present Miss Emily Cox (Chair), Miss Hall, Mrs. Bamford Tomlinson, Miss Smith, Mrs. Andrews (Clothiers), Mr. H.V. Roe, Mr. Dale.

Apologies. Miss Ashton was detained and came in as the meeting ended.

Sheffield dispute. Mrs. Aldridge was detained at Sheffield by the lock-out at Messrs. Dewsnap.  

Conciliation Bill. It was moved by Mr. Dale, seconded by Mr. H. V. Roe and carried unanimously that the following resolution be sent to the Prime Minister and the members for the Manchester and Salford.

Women’s Suffrage Letter to Prime Minister. “That the M.S.& D. W.T.U. Council representing many organised women of Manchester and Salford is of opinion that the immediate passage of the Women’s Suffrage Bill into law would be of great benefit to all working women, and urges the government to give it every facility during the autumn session.”

Conference in London re Abolition of Destitution. Conference on the Abolition of Destitution on October 7th and 8th in London. A letter was received inviting the Council to be represented. It was resolved to ask Mrs. Aldridge to attend the conference should she be in London, and failing her to ask Lady Schwann or any other member of the Council.

Mrs. Pickings Blouse Factory. A letter was read from an anonymous worker at Mrs. Pickings (blouse factory) to the Secretary stating that a few girls were on strike and inviting the assistance of the Council. Mrs. Aldridge had visited the place but found the dispute had been settled, and the girls wished to have nothing to do with the Council.

Sheffield Leather Workers. The lockout at Sheffield was still continuing, the girls standing perfectly steadily and firm. The firm had not been able to fill any of their places. Mrs. Aldridge’s report was read with great interest.

Alexandra Park Demonstration. It was reported that the Demonstration in favour of Trade unionism undertaken in conjunction with the M&S Men’s Trades Council, and the M & S Women’s Trades and Labour Council had been held on August 13th. The gathering had shown great interest in the question but the numbers present had been somewhat disappointing.

Women’s Freedom League re Conciliation Bill. A letter from the Women’s Freedom League was read asking for the cooperation of the Council in a demonstration in support of the Conciliation Bill. It was agreed to bring the matter before each Union.

Emily Cox
November 9th 1910