September 3rd, 1913

Council Meeting held September 3rd 1913 at 3.00pm


Present Miss Emily Cox (chair), Miss M. Ashton, Miss Woolley, Miss Ashcroft, Miss Todd, Miss Guffick, Mrs. Findlay, Mr. P Oliver, Mr. G. V. Cox, Mr. Herford, Mr. Dale, Miss Quaile.

Apologies. An apology for absence was read from Mrs. Eddie.

Minutes. The minutes of the last meeting were read and passed.

Finance. The monthly financial statement was given by the Treasurer.

Painters’ Advances. The Sub-Committee minutes were read and reported “that no advances had been made to the Women Painters through the strike as sufficient details regarding their wages were not to hand.” Reported “ that a meeting had been held in the Caxton Hall to discuss the future amalgamation of the Painters with the Engravers to Calico Printers Union.”

Corset Makers and Blouse Makers. Reported that 48 new members had joined the Corset Makers and Sewing Machinists Union.

National Federation Women Workers. Reported that considerable time had been given during the dinner hours, holding meetings at various factories with the Organiser of the National Federation of Women Workers to prepare for their meeting on September 2nd.

The chairman and Miss Ashton reported conversations which had taken place between themselves and the officials of the National Federation of Women Workers in regard to a proposed Manchester branch of their union. After considerable discussion, Mr. Herford proposed and Mr. Dale seconded the following resolution:-“that the Council invite the National Federation of Women Workers to lay before it a detailed scheme for consideration at its next meeting prior to receiving the proposed deputation.” This was carried.

Mrs. Simon and Miss Basnett invited to join Council. It was moved by Miss Cox seconded by Miss Todd that Miss Basnett be invited to join the Council. It was moved by Miss Ashton and seconded by Mrs. Findlay that Mrs. Ernest Simon be asked to join the Council.

Leaflet for Unions. The question of a general Trade Union leaflet appealing to women was discussed and the members present decided that one should be drawn up.

Hugh V. Herford October 8th 1913.