October 9th, 1907

Council Meeting held on Wednesday, October 9th 1907 7.30pm

Attendance. Miss Emily Cox (Chair), Miss M. Ashton, Miss J. Gaskell, Mrs. Ashwell Cooke, Miss Maud Smith, Miss M. E. Frances, Mrs. Findlay, Mr. H. Hughes, Mrs. O. M. Aldridge (Secretary)

Apologies. Apologies for non-attendance received from Miss Bulley, Mr. Herford, Miss Crompton and Mrs. Bennett.

Minutes. The Minutes of the last Council Meeting read and passed.

Delegates to Glasgow Conference. The Secretary reported that Lady Schwann had written calling her attention to a Conference to be held in Glasgow on October 11th and 12th on the subject of “Sweated Industries”. Lady Schwann had also expressed her willingness to attend the Conference providing the Council had not already appointed another delegate. As the next meeting of the Council could not be held in time to discuss the matter Mrs Aldridge had written at once to the promoters of the Conference arranging for representation and had also written to Lady Schwann asking her to be the Council’s representative.

Mrs Aldridge was asked to convey the Council’s thanks to Lady Schwann and to ask her to give to them, if possible, a brief report of the Conference proceedings.

Mrs. MacDonald invited for Annual Meeting. A letter was also read from Lady Schwann suggesting that Mrs. Ramsay MacDonald be asked to be the principal speaker at the next Annual Meeting. Agreed that the Secretary be instructed to write to Mrs. McDonald.

Capmakers’ Appeal for Funds. In response to the Council’s appeal on behalf of the Capmakers £5 had been received from Lady Schwann and £1.1.0. from the Midwives Association. Mrs. Aldridge reported that all the women members of the Capmakers' Union were now in employment, there was still however suffering amongst the men.

Printers’ Assistants. The Manchester branch of the National Union of Printers’ Assistants had asked Mrs. Aldridge to speak at their meetings. The Union was a joint one for men and women and covered the ground of the “Folders and Sewers Union”. After discussion it was decided not to give official help to the Union as it would entail conflict with the “Folders and Sewers”.

Cap Makers’ Union. Letters were read from the Cap Makers’ Union thanking the Council for their help, also from the Engravers, Calico Printers and Paper Stainers’ Union doubling their subscription and wishing the Council success in their work.

Emily Cox
November 5th