October 8th, 1913

Council Meeting held Wednesday October 8th, 1913 at 7.00 pm


Present Mr. Hugh V. Herford (chair), Mrs. J. J. Findlay, Miss F. Guffick, Miss L. Stapleton, Miss Bailey, Mr. T. R. Marr, Miss Mary Quaile and Mrs. O. M. Aldridge.

Apologies for absence. Apologies for absence were submitted from Mr. G. V. Cox, Mrs. Simon, Mr. P. Oliver, Miss Spence and Miss Todd.

Minutes. Minutes of the last meeting were read and passed.

Mrs. E. Simon and Miss Basnett. Arising from the minutes it was reported that both Mrs. E. Simon and Miss Basnett had consented to join the Council.

Women’s Trade Union League. Correspondence:-a letter dated September 10th 1913 was received in acknowledgement of Miss Cox’s letter from the Women’s Trade Union League stating that further reply would be sent in course of a day or so.

A circular from the Manchester Branch of the National Union of Women Workers was read which stated that their Annual Meeting would be held on October 14th at the Church House Deansgate.

Enquiry re-Women’s Labour Fabian Group.  A letter and circular from the Women’s Group of the Fabian Society asking for assistance in their “Inquiry as to what proportion of women and girls are working for the support of others beside themselves.” It was agreed to write for a supply of enquiry forms.

Manchester Christian Conference. The convenors of the Manchester Christian Conference to be held in Milton Hall on November 27th sent invitations for two delegates from the Council. Mrs. J. J. Findlay and Mr. Herford consented to attend.

Mrs. Grierson. It was reported that Mr. G.V. Cox had suggested that Mrs. Grierson of the University Settlement Ancoats should be invited to join the Council. Mr. Herford moved and Mrs. Findlay seconded that the suggestion be accepted.

Finance. The monthly financial statement was presented by the Treasurer.

Sub Committee Minutes. The Sub Committee Minutes were read. These showed that:-

Painters Advance. The Painters to Calico Printers Engravers had received a shilling advance on the weekly wages in three firms by Messrs. Cunliffes, Martins and Todd. The question of an advance was under discussion in other firms.

Furnishing Trades Association. Successful meeting had been held for women in the furnishing trades and the union membership increased.

Sheffield Leather Workers. Thity-five women at Messrs. James Dewnap & co had received a shilling advance in their weekly wages & that the same amount was expected for another fourteen in the course of the week.

Sewing Machinists. Many meeting for sewing machinists had been held at various works in the dinner hours.

Secretaries’ Tea. A Secretaries’ tea held at the office on Oct 6 when representatives from the unions were present.

Mrs. Wilson nominated. Mrs. Wilson a jam worker had been recommended by the Council for nomination by the Board of Trade on the new trade Board under formation for the Sugar Confectionery and Food Preserves trades. Mr. Enfield from the Board of Trade had interviewed Mrs. Wilson at the office.

Emily Cox November 12th 1913

It was reported that Mrs. Aldridge recommenced her duties as Secretary on Monday Oct 6th. Miss Guffick finished her work for the Council on Tuesday Oct 7th and returned to her paid work at Messrs. J Blairs Co.