October 11th, 1916

Council Meeting held on Wednesday, October 11th at 3 pm.

Members present :-Miss Emily Cox (chair), Miss Gardner, Miss Ashton, Mrs. Ashwell Cooke, Mrs. Withington, Miss Ashcroft, Miss Guffick, Mr. Graeme Cox, Mr. Herford.

An apology for absence was received from Mrs. Findlay.

The Minutes of the previous meeting were read and passed.

A report of the Conference on the price of food and coal was given by Mrs. Withington.

The financial report was given by the Treasurer. The question arose as to the advisability of showing a balance in hand in the report at the end of the year, and after some discussion it was decided to adjourn the further consideration of the matter until the next Council meeting.

The question of sending an organiser to Sheffield was discussed, and owing to pressure of work it was decided to leave this over for the present.

It was reported that Miss Hampson had offered to help voluntarily with the work for the next month or two, and it was moved by Miss Gardner, seconded Miss Ashton and agreed that Miss Hampson’s offer be accepted with thanks.

A letter was read from Mrs. Walsh, of Whalley Range, offering the use of her drawing room for a meeting, but saying that she could not undertake to provide the audience. After some discussion it was decided not to accept Mrs. Walsh’s offer. Mr. Herford was asked to see Mrs. Gordon Rylands, and afterwards Miss Cox to see Miss Woolley, with a view to getting an entry to hold a drawing room meeting in the autumn or the new year.

A letter was read from Mrs. Ring of Birmingham, giving a report on the resolutions passed at the Trades Union Congress affecting women.

The question as to the organisation of women in the Engineering Trade was discussed, and the Secretary was instructed to see the various Unions doing this work, and endeavour to find out what they are doing in the matter.

Miss Gardner reported that she, along with Miss Hampson, had visited 2 sewing machine works, in connection with the special investigation being organised by the Women’s War Interests Committee in conjunction with the Unions.

It was reported that Mrs. Aldridge was expected in Manchester about the end of October and it was moved by Miss Ashton, seconded by Mrs. Withington and agreed that a Secretaries’ Tea be held during her visit.

The Sub-Committee Minutes were read. Mrs. Lawson had consented to sit on the Council as the representative of the Midwives Association, in place of Mrs. Gilroy, who had not been able to attend the meetings regularly.

It was reported that women clerks were steadily coming into the union, and that much work had been done amongst women tin box makers and woodworkers.

Emily Cox November 8th 1916.