November 13th, 1918

Minutes of the Executive Committee held on November 13th 1918 at 3.00 pm

Members present:-Mrs. F.E. Ashwell Cooke (chair), Mrs. J. J. Findlay, Mrs. Withington, Miss Ashcroft, Mr. H. V Herford.

Apologies were received from Miss Margaret Ashton, Miss Emily Cox and Mrs. E.W. Simon.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and adopted.

Arising out of the minutes, it was reported that no further reply to the chairman’s letter had been received from the National Federation of Women Workers.

The Trades and Labour Council had made certain recommendations to their monthly delegate meeting on the amalgamation of the women’s organisations of this district. A resolution had being carried empowering the Chairman and Secretary to approach the Women’s Unions at 5 John Dalton Street with a view to putting into operation the scheme the Executive had recommended to the delegates. The suggested scheme was the affiliation of all women’s Trades Unions to the Manchester and Salford Trades and Labour Council and the formation of a special women’s group within this body with two seats on the Executive Committee. The Women’s Unions also to be grouped with their respective trades groups within the Council.

The Treasurer gave a financial report. It was reported that the Midwives’ Association had made a special grant of £10.00. The Treasurer was asked to write a letter expressing the thanks of the Council.

The Sub-Committee minutes were read. During the month the usual meetings had been held at the Burnage Branch of the National Federation of Women Workers.

Crossley’s, Levenshulme, had met and after a very long discussion with a view to transferring their membership to the Workers’ Union they instructed their Branch Secretary, Miss E. Flynn, to get full particulars of this organisation. The Council’s Secretary pointed out this was not a full meeting and no decision could be arrived at until the whole of their members has been notified. They then decided to hold a full meeting in the works during the dinner hour the following day and to take a ballot vote.

Girls employed by Wheeldon’s and Ellison’s had received the 5/-the increase granted to munition workers with the retrospective wages due to them. The Sheffield leather workers had put in demands for increases in wages, two interviews had taken place and the matter settled satisfactorily.

The Café Workers had decided to wind up their organisation work as little progress has been made during the time it had been running. This concluded the business.

Emily Cox December 11th 1918