November 10th, 1915

Council Meeting held November 10th 1915 at 3 pm.

Apologies were received from Miss M. Ashton, Mrs E. Simon, Miss Francis and Mrs. F. E. A. Cooke.

Members present: Miss E. Cox (chair), Mrs. Findlay, Miss F. Ashcroft, Miss Gardner, Mrs. Withington, Mr. H. V. Herford and Mr. E. Watson and Mr. H. V. Roe.

Minutes of the previous meeting were read and passed.

Arising out of the minutes Miss Cox reported the results of the conference held by the Women’s War Interest Committee.

The Secretary reported that Miss Wallwork had commenced duties on October 25th 1915.

Mrs. Findlay reported that the Board of Education, in answer to the proposed deputation on the question of child labour in the cotton trade, had stated that they had no intention of lowering the school age.

The Secretary reported that Councillor Geo. Fitt had consented to become a member of the Council.

The Treasurer gave a financial statement.


The Secretary reported having received a letter from Mr. J. J. Mallon asking for information on the question affecting the payment of wages to girls on night work in the Rubber Trade. Investigation had been made and reported to Mr. Mallon.  

A letter was read from Miss Moorhouse asking if Mrs. Aldridge was still the delegate to the Industrial Sectional Committee in London. The Secretary was asked to talk the matter over with Miss Moorhouse to find out if more than one person could be appointed to act as a substitute.

A letter was read from the Head Office of the Amalgamated Union of Clothiers’ Operatives asking the Council to arrange a conference with its representatives and the Committee of the Corset Makers’ and Sewing Machinists’ Union with a view to discussing the question of amalgamation.

It was moved by Mrs. Findlay seconded by Miss Ashcroft and carried that the Conference be held. Mrs Findlay moved and Mr. Herford seconded and it was carried (on the suggestion of Mr. Watson) that Miss Emily Cox should act as Chairman at the Conference.

A letter had been sent and a reply received from the Trade Union Section of the Armaments Output Committee asking for representation of the Council on the Committee. The reply stated that the application would come before the next full meeting of the Committee.

Proposed Sub Tenancy. Miss Cox reported that much of the work of the Anti- Vivisection Society had been suspended during the War. The Committee would be glad if the Council would grant them the use of this office for their plate, letters and Committee meetings and they suggested a fee of £5/-per annum be paid. It was moved by Mr. Roe and seconded by Mrs. Findlay and carried that permission be granted and the fee of £5/-be accepted.

The Sub-Committee minutes were read. The Tin Box Workers Union was increasing its membership weekly. Many meetings had been held in the Trade.

Several new members had been made in the Leather Trade.  

The girls at Blairs Corset Factory had made a demand for a War Bonus.

Clothiers. A large meeting of the women in the Clothing Trade had been held in Holyoake House. Advances of prices had been obtained for the girls at Kay and Lee’s amounting to 5/-per week on weekly wages.

Complaints have been received from workers in the East Cotton company. The Secretary was holding a dinner hour meeting to advise the girls to join the Sewing Machinists’ Union.

Emily Cox December 8th