May 30th, 1906

Council Meeting held on May 30th 1906 7.30pm

Present Miss Margaret Ashton (Chair), Miss Hesse, Miss Emily Cox, Miss Julia Gaskell, Miss Reilly (Telephonists), Mr. H. V. Herford, Mr. Hughes (Leather Workers), Councillor J. J. Johnston, O. M. Aldridge (Secretary)

Apologies. Letters of apology for non-attendance received from Mrs. C. E. Schwann, Mrs. Ashwell Cooke, Miss A. Amy Bulley, Miss Alice Crompton and Mrs. Findlay.

Minutes and Education Association. Minutes of the last Meeting read and passed. A letter from the Mcr Education Association was read asking the Council to re-appoint representative for current year. On the motion of Councillor J. Johnston and Miss Gaskell it was decided not to renew representation the work being a little outside the scope of the Council.  

Sweated Industries Exhibition. The Sweated Industries Exhibition was next discussed. The Secretary reported that five organisations had replied favourably to the circular sent out by the Council. The “Lancs College Settlement”, “Christian Social Union”, “Sanitary Association”, “ Social Questions Committee and the “ Mcr Cooperative Society” – the latter society having offered the use of its Hall at Downing St.  

Guarantee Fund. The Secy also reported that two amounts of 2/2/- (Mr.R.Robinson) and 1/1/- (Mr.C.Law) had been offered unsolicited to the Guarantee Fund.  

It was felt that sufficient number of Societies were interested in the undertaking to justify the Council proceeding further with the matter.

Date of Exhibition. Miss Margaret Ashton moved and Councillor J.Johnston seconded “that the exhibition be arranged to be held in mcr from Sept 24th-Oct 18th”.

Sub-Committee empowered to make further arrangements. The Secretary was instructed to get fuller particulars in regard to costs title etc and to report to Sub Committee. The Sub-Committee were empowered to undertake further organisation and also to arrange for a meeting of joint Committee composed of delegates from the various societies expressing their willingness to cooperate. Miss Margaret Ashton was appointed to act with the Sub-Committee.

Sub-Committee Minutes Finance Next Sub-Committee Meeting. Miss Emily Cox read the Minutes of the Sub-Committee giving report on organisation work.

Mr. Herford reported on the month’s finance. Next Sub-Committee meeting fixed for Thursday June 14yh 1906.

Margaret Ashton

July 4th 1906