May 17th, 1911

Council Meeting held Wednesday, May 17th 1911 at 3.00 pm


Present Miss Emily Cox (chair), Mrs. J. J. Findlay, Mrs. Whittaker, Mrs. Gilroy, Miss Ashcroft, Mr. Hugh V. Herford, Miss Mary Quaile, Mrs. O.M. Aldridge.

Apologies for Absence. Apologies submitted for absence from Mrs. Cooke, Miss Maggie Hall and Lady Schwann and Mr. H. V. Roe.

Minutes. The Minutes of the last meeting were read and passed.

Mary Quaile. Arising from the Minutes it was reported that Miss Mary Quaile commenced duties at office on Monday, 27th March, 1911.

Finance. The Financial Statement was presented by the Treasurer.

Mr. Graeme Cox invited to join Council. Mr. Herford moved and Mrs. Findlay seconded that Mr. Graeme Cox, Warden of the University Settlement Ancoats, be invited to join the Council. Carried unanimously.

Banner. Mrs. Whittaker moved and Miss Ashcroft seconded that permission be granted for the Council’s banner to be carried in the Suffrage Procession in London on June 17th . Carried unanimously.

Sub-Committee Minutes. The Sub-Committee Minutes were read. These showed that several meetings had been organised for Confectioners and a successful meeting for Café workers had been held. All the bakehouses in the district were being thoroughly canvassed.

Dispute at Butler’s & Co.’s Charles Street. It was reported that about 60 machinists employed at Butler and Co.’s in Charles Street had been asked to accept a new line of work for 3 ½ which when compared to other lines and the additional work added should have been 5. The girls struck work on April 3 several days after the Secretary heard indirectly of the dispute and at once tried to get in touch with the girls. Several meetings were held and two interviews took place with Mr. Butler. The dispute was settled on Tuesday May 9 and the girls returned to work under following conditions that the order consisting of 240 pairs of trousers be finished at rate 4 ¼ and provision made that if the work did not pay the machinists at this rate, a new rate in event of further order, should be fixed and that representatives of the machinists should be consulted before its settlement. It was also agreed that the present work should be equally divided amongst the girls. All had joined the Amalgamated Union of Clothiers’ Operatives. A special meeting had been arranged at the office on Monday 15th inst. and the greater number of the girls attended. Good reports were given of better understanding between the management and workers.

Union Committee. It was reported that a meeting of Union Secretaries was held on Wednesday 10th inst. re-prevalence of underground workrooms in Manchester. All present agreed to help in investigation. It was also proposed to form a permanent Committee of union representatives to deal with similar questions. The Committee to have its own Chairman and Secretary and have a regular meeting night once a month. The next meeting would be held on the 25th inst.

Women’s Industrial Council and Underground Workrooms. A letter was read from Lady Schwann suggesting that the Council should give active support to the Women’s Industrial Council in furtherance of the proposed Bill for restriction of underground workrooms. It was moved by Mr. Herford and seconded by Mrs. Findlay that the Secretary write to Miss Papworth to the effect “that if it would strengthen the hands of those who are proposing the Bill the Council would be glad to be identified as part promoters.” Carried unanimously.

Emily Cox June 14th 1911