May 11th, 1910

Council Meeting held Wednesday May 11th 1910 at 3.00 pm

Present Miss Emily Cox (chair) Mrs Ashwell Cooke Mrs. J. J. Findlay Miss Maggie Hall & Mrs Aldridge.

Apologies. Apologies for absence submitted from Miss Ashton, Mr. Herford, Miss Smith and Mrs. Spence.

Minutes. Minutes of the last meeting read and passed.

Mr. Kean’s appeal for Country School. A letter was read from Mr. Charles Kean asking for assistance in raising £10.10 towards the fund for clearing the cost of country school for Manchester children. It was agreed to submit the appeal to the Women’s Unions and Mrs. Aldridge was asked to report the result to the Council.

Underground Work Rooms Bill. A letter was also read from Mrs. J. Ramsay MacDonald inviting the Council’s cooperation in the arrangement of a deputation to wait on the Home Secretary and the President of the Local Government Board for the purpose of showing the desirability of further restricting the use of underground premises as workrooms. After discussion it was agreed to take part in the matter and the Secretary was asked to obtain information from the Sanitary Inspectors of local conditions.

Finance. In the absence of the Treasurer the month’s accounts were submitted by the Secretary.

Sub-Committee Minutes. The Sub-Committee Minutes were read.

Sheffield Leather Workers. It was reported that nothing further has been heard from Messrs. Dewsnap and Co. and that the girls were still working under the old conditions.

Manchester Anti Sweating League re Homeworkers Association. The Chairman reported an interview with Mr. Richard Robinson (chairman of the Manchester Anti Sweating League) re Homeworkers Association.  

The League were unable to continue the work of organisation amongst the home workers and were anxious to transfer the work to the care of some other society. Mr. Robinson asked whether the Council would undertake the work if the League could raise a sum of £50 to pay an organiser and guarantee the amount for three years. Mrs. Findlay moved and Mrs. Cooke seconded to accept the offer and this was unanimously passed.

Secretary’s Leave of Absence 2 Weeks. It was agreed to grant leave of absence to the Secretary for two weeks commencing Monday May 23rd.

Mrs. Findlay proposed and Miss Hall seconded that Mrs. Tawney be invited to join the Council.  

Emily Cox
June 8th 1910