May 10th, 1916

Council Meeting held Wednesday May 10th 1916 at 7 pm.

Present Miss Emily Cox (in the chair), Mrs. Withington, Mr. H.V. Herford.

Apologies of absence were received from Mrs. Ashwell Cooke and Miss Margaret Ashton.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and passed. Arising out of the minutes Miss Cox reported that the Tin Box Workers social had been held.

The Treasurer gave a financial statement.

Correspondence. A letter was read from the Anti-Conscription League asking for delegates to a Conference to be held on Saturday May 13. Moved by Mr. Herford seconded by Mrs. Withington and carried that since the conference will deal with Industry under Conscription the Council decides to send two delegates to the meeting. The Secretaries were appointed to act as delegates.

A letter was read from the GFTU re-affiliation of the Tin Box Workers Union. The Secretary was asked to obtain further particulars.

The Secretary reported that two meetings of the women woodworkers employed at Messrs. Evans, Newton Heath had been held. Mrs. Anott Robinson had attended on behalf of the Women’s War Interest Committee. A Union has been formed and 34 women had joined. These women were making ammunition boxes and received for a 50½ hour week wages varying from 10/-to 16/-instead of the £1.00 per week minimum laid down by the Ministry of Munitions.

It was agreed to hold a jumble sale as suggested by Mrs. Findlay on June 26th.

It was reported that Miss Quaile has been asked to help in the War Savings Campaign. The Council felt that it could not spare Miss Quaile for this as the campaign did not sufficiently concern its own work.

The Sub-Committee Minutes were read.

Several meetings had been held among tin box workers and a successful social evening had taken place at the Ancoats Settlement. A meeting had been arranged for women painters and only the officials had attended. Miss Wallwork had attended several meetings of women clerks. The Clothiers' Union were making demands for increases on prices at a factory in St. Helens.

Emily Cox June 7th 1916.