March 18th, 1918

Minutes of E.C. Meeting held on Monday, March 18th 1918 at 3 o’clock

Apologies. Apologies of absence were received from Miss Ashcroft, Mrs. Ashwell Cooke and Mr. Herford.

Members present:-Miss Emily Cox (chair), Mrs. Withington, Miss Ashton, Mr. J.V. Cox, Mrs. J.V. Cox.

Minutes. The Minutes of the previous meeting were read and adopted.

Annual Meeting. It was reported that the Annual Meeting was held in the Town Hall on Wednesday February 13th. The Lord Mayor presided and the speakers were Mrs. Aldridge, Mr. Mellor, Miss Ashton and Mr. W.H. Johnson.

Finance. The financial report for the month was given by Miss Wallwork in the absence of the Treasurer.

Reconstruction Meeting. A report of the Reconstruction Meeting held in the Town Hall was given.


Homeworkers. A letter was read from Mrs. G.V. Cox giving suggestions for the organisation of Home Workers. It was decided to send the suggestions to Miss Rogers, of the University Settlement, who was contemplating doing this work.

National Union of General Workers. A letter was read from the National Union of General Workers, in which they enclosed a grant of £3.3.0, asking if the Council had a settled policy respecting the method of organisation and stating that their view was that the Council should not in future support any new organisation, as there were too many Unions existing already. It was decided to reply that where there is a definite trade union existing the Council advises the women to join that union, and new ones are only formed where there is no union catering for that particular class of worker.

Manchester and Salford Labour Party. A letter had been received from the Manchester and Salford Labour Party asking if the Council could arrange for delegates to visit the various branches, to describe more fully the work of the Labour Party. It was decided to refer the matter to the branches.

War Interests Committee. A letter was read from the War Interests Committee asking for support in clearing off a deficit of £6.00. Miss Ashton moved, Mrs. Withington seconded and it was agreed that a grant of 10/-be sent.

Fabian Research Society. Correspondence was read from the Fabian Research Society asking for a representative to attend a conference of organisers to be held in London in May. It was decided that if the date fixed is convenient the Council would be glad to be represented.

National Union of Women Suffrage Societies. A letter was read from the National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies asking the Council to consider the passing of a resolution in support of the admission of women to the ranks of solicitors. It was moved by Miss Ashton, seconded by Mr. Cox and agreed that a resolution be sent to the Manchester and Salford M.P’s. asking them to support the Bill.

National Union of Trained Nurses. A letter was also read from the National Union of Trained Nurses asking the Council to pass a resolution in support of the Bill promoted by the Central Committee for State Registration of Nurses. It was decided to send a resolution to the local MP’s and to Dr. Chapple.

National Federation of Women Workers. Miss Cox read a copy of a letter she had sent to Miss MacArthur on the question of the difficulty the Council experienced in organising new branches of women in the Engineering trade. Miss MacArthur had replied that she hoped to see Miss Cox on her next visit to Manchester but that Mrs. Pearson had informed her that she had sent a list of firms to the Council some time ago where the Federation had no members. This list had been received about a year ago, and included only five small negligible firms at four of which the Workers’ Union had members. Miss Cox was asked to communicate this to Miss MacArthur.

 Woodworker’s Union. The question of the amalgamation of the Women Woodworkers’ Union with the Packing Case Makers, was discussed and it was decided to hold a conference of the Men’s Union, the women’s representatives from the various shops and two or three members of the Council.

Emily Cox April 10th 1918.