March 13th, 1912

Council Meeting held Wednesday, March 13th at 7 o’clock  


Present Miss Emily Cox (chair), Mr. Graeme Cox, Miss Emily Pitchforth (Flax Workers), Mrs. J. J. Findlay, Mrs. F. E. Ashwell Cooke, Miss L. Milne (Typists), Miss Foster (Telephonists), Mr. Hugh V. Herford, Mr. Edward Dale, Mr. H. V. Roe, Mrs. O.M. Aldridge.

Apologies. Apologies for absence submitted from Councillors Margaret Ashton and James Johnston, Miss M. E. Francis, Miss Stapleton and Miss Suffick.

Minutes.  The Minutes of the last meeting were read and passed.

Election Chairman. Mr. Herford moved and Mrs. Cooke seconded that Miss Emily Cox be re-elected Chairman for the year 1912. Carried unanimously.  

Annual Meeting. It was reported that the seventeenth Annual Meeting was held in the Lord Mayor's Parlour at the Town Hall on Wednesday, February 28th at 3 o’clock. Chairman Miss Emily Cox. The Annual Report was presented by the Secretary and Treasurer and its adoption moved by the chairman and seconded by Mrs. Despard. The election of officers moved by Miss McConnell and seconded by their Very Rev. Dr. Anselm Poock and the vote of thanks to the Lord Mayor was moved by Miss Manning and seconded by Mr. Graeme Cox.

Mrs. Sinclair. Mrs. Cooke reported that Mrs. Sinclair had consented to join the Council.

Finance. The monthly financial statement was presented by the Treasurer.

Sub-Committee Minutes. The Sub-Committee Minutes were read.

Bradford Flax Mill Dispute Settlement. It was reported that the Bradford Flax Mill strike was settled on Wednesday February 7th and all the women and men returned to work on Monday February 12th on the following terms. These terms were submitted through the Board of Trade and a copy of the settlement kept by them.

Suggested Terms of Settlement

Women Workers. All pieceworkers to receive ad advance of %5 on the present rates. Girls earning 6s and under to be advanced 6d, per week. Women and girls earning over 6s. To be advanced 1s. Per week.

Male Workers. A minimum wage of £1 per week to all of 21 years of age. Ad advance eof 1s. Per week to all men on weekly wages. 5% advance to all pieceworkers.

Fines. All fine sto be abolished. Gates to be closed at 6am. Re-opened at 6.30am. Workpeople entering at 6.30am to lose the half hour. Workpeople absent at 6.30am not to be admitted until the breakfast hour.  

Overtime. After 55½ hours have been worked in any one week, time and a quarter to be paid for all hours worked over the 55½ hours. Time and a half to be paid for all time worked between 5.30pm on Saturday and 6am on the following Monday.  

Re-instatement. All textile workers who left work at commencement of dispute to be re-instated.  

This Agreement is to remain in operation for twelve months from the date on which work is resumed.  

 Union and General Federation of Trade Unions Approved Society. It was reported that five unions: Flax Workers, Café Workers, Amalgamated Society of Corset Makers and Sewing Machinists, the Manchester and Sheffield Leather Workers and the Confectioners had joined the General Federation of Trade Unions for purpose of the National Insurance Act. And that three others the Box Makers, Shippers and Clothiers were becoming Approved Societies through their own organisations.

GFTU meeting re-Insurance. The Chairman reported having sanctioned the payment of Miss Quaile’s expenses to London to attend the first general meeting of the Approved Societies (within the General Federation) to be held at the Holborn Town Hall on the 13th inst. This action was endorsed on the motion of Mr. Graeme Cox and Mrs J.J. Findlay.  

Secretary’s Visit to Belfast re- Flax Workers Wages. It was agreed on the motion of Miss Cox and Mrs. Cooke that the Secretary visit Belfast before the end of the month to get information re-wages of flax workers in view of the coming interviews with Messrs. Renshaw & Co. at the Broughton Flax Mill.

Emily Cox April 3rd 1912