March 12th, 1919

Executive Meeting held Wednesday March 12th 1919 at 3pm.

Members present:-Miss Cox (chair), Mrs.Withington, Mr.H.V.Herford.

Apologies of absence were received from Miss Margaret Ashton, Mr. A. A.Purcell.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and passed.

Arising out of the minutes a report of the present stage in the proceedings connected with the Amalgamation scheme was given, and a letter was read from Mr. Purcell saying that on March 19th the Executive would put forward the scheme and he hoped that it would be passed by the delegate meeting on that date.

A special meeting of E.C. to be called on Monday March 24th if a further report has been received from the Trades and Labour Council on the Amalgamation. The Report of the Council’s work to be ready for consideration at the meeting.

A financial statement was given by the Treasurer.It was decided to close the accounts from the date convenient to the auditors for audit and that subsequent expenses should be dealt with in a supplementary account.

A letter was read from Mr. Sutherland, Secretary of the Master Painters Association, new tenants of the office from March 20th, agreeing to the Council keeping possession for another month from that date providing they could use the room for two meetings and that the floorcovering should be given to them for this concession. This was agreed to.

Mr. Herford moved and Mrs. Withington seconded that a letter of sympathy be sent to Miss Mary Macarthur (Mrs. W. C. Anderson) on the death of her husband, W.C. Anderson. Agreed.

The Sub Committee minutes were read. The chief points arising out of the minutes were:- reports about the organisation of domestic workers, the question of increased rates for three solid leather stitchers employed by Messrs. Dewsnaps Sheffield, and the granting of an increase of 5/- per week with all back payments from January 1st to the women employed by Messrs. Hans Renold.

This concluded the business.

Emily Cox

April 9th