March 11th, 1914

Council Meeting held Wednesday, March 11th 1914 at 3 pm


Present Miss Emily Cox (chair), Mrs. J. J. Findlay, Mrs. C. J. Spence, Miss Basnett, Miss F. Spear, Mr. G. V. Cox, Mr. Hugh V. Herford, Mr. P.M. Oliver, Miss Mary Quaile. Mrs. Aldridge (Secretary).

Apologies for absence. Apologies for absence submitted from Mrs. F. E. Ashwell Cooke, Miss Margaret Ashton, Mrs. Grierson, Mrs. Simon.

Minutes. The minutes of the last meeting were read and passed.

Correspondence. Underground Workrooms Bill. Correspondence:- a letter was read from Mr. Elvin stating that the Conference re-Underground Workrooms Bill would be held on Friday, March 13th in the Essex Hall, Strand. It was agreed that Miss Mary Quaile should attend to represent the Council.

Joint Suffrage Conference. A letter was read from the Manchester and District Federation of the National Union of Suffrage Societies asking the Council to take part in a Joint Women’s Suffrage Demonstration to be held in Manchester at the end of June and to appoint representatives on a joint committee to arrange the demonstration. Miss Basnett moved and Mrs. Spence seconded that the Council agree to cooperate. Carried nem.con. Miss Basnett was appointed to represent the Council on the Joint Committee.

Miss Emily Cox was unanimously re-elected Chairman of the Council for 1914.

The following members were elected to serve on the Sub-Committee:- Councillor James Johnston, Miss Emily Cox, Mrs. J. J. Findlay, Miss Basnett, Mr. G. V. Cox and Mr. P. M. Oliver.

Nineteenth Annual Meeting. It was reported that the nineteenth annual meeting was held in the Lord Mayor's Parlour at Manchester Town Hall on Tuesday, February 17th at 3.00. The Lord Mayor opened the meeting and read a letter from Lady Schwann. Professor J. J. Findlay and Mr. J. J. Mallon of the National Anti-Sweating League and Mr. Conley of the Amalgamated Union of Clothiers' Operatives were the chief speakers.

See scanned letter from Lady Elizabeth Swann (sic).

Finance. The financial statement was presented by the Treasurer.

Sub Committee Minutes. The Sub Committee minutes were read.

Sugar Confectionery Workers. It was reported that several meetings of sweet workers employed at Lovells and Bertenshaw and Irwines.  

Upholsteresses Dispute re-Advance in Wages. That upholsteresses were putting in a claim for an advance of halfpenny per hour on their hourly rate which would bring their minimum wage for a full week to eighteen shillings. The advance was refused by the employers and the women were on strike as a result.

Rubber Workers. The Men’s Society of Rubber Workers had not accepted the terms submitted by the Women’s Society re- amalgamation and the women had now decided to continue on independent lines and leave the question of amalgamation over till a later date.

Painters to Calico Printers’ Engravers Proposed Amalgamation. The Society of Women Painters to Calico Printers’ Engravers had passed a unanimous resolution in favour of amalgamation with the Engravers. This had however stipulated that the Painters should exercise the same voting power and right to serve on the Committee and hold office as the Engravers. A favourable answer from the Engravers’ Society was expected.

Sheffield Leather Workers Advance. The interview arranged between the Leather Workers' Union and Messrs. Dewsnap and Co. re-advance in standard of payment for the Sheffield women had at the request of the Union been postponed for a few weeks.

Addresses on Trade Union. Addresses on trade unionism had been given by Mrs. Aldridge at meetings of the South Manchester Women’s Liberal Association and the Manchester Women’s Cooperative Guild.

Altrincham Women Workers. Miss Quaile had again spoken at a meeting of women workers at Altrincham. The meeting was the third arranged by the Altrincham Women’s Labour League to get work girls interested in trade organisation.

Miss Cox reported that Mr. Mallon had written asking to be given the opportunity of meeting members of the Council (in reference to their decision not to amalgamate with the National Federation of Women Workers) when he came to Manchester for the annual meeting of the Council. The Sub Committee and Mr. Herford as Treasurer were asked to meet him. No points that had not been considered already seem to be advanced by him.

Emily Cox April 8th 1914.