March 10th, 1915

Council Meeting held Wednesday, March 10th 1915 at

Present Miss Emily Cox, Mrs. J. J. Findlay, Mr. G. V. Cox, Mr. H. V. Herford.

Apologies. Apologies of absence were received from Mrs. G. K. Grierson, Councillor James Johnston, Miss J. Basnett, Miss M. A. Francis.

Minutes. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and passed.

Finance. The Treasurer made a financial statement. A duplicator had been offered for sale to the Council at £1.5.0. Mr. Cox moved and Mr. Herford seconded that it be purchased. This was carried.

Correspondence. A letter was read from the Women’s Patrol Committee asking for helpers. Resolved that the letter be referred to the Joint Committee of Women’s Trades Unions.

Sub Committee. Sub Committee minutes were read. It was reported that a letter had been brought before the Committee from the War Emergency Women’s National Committee asking for a delegate to a conference on food prices on March 12 to be held in London. The Committee nominated Mrs. O. M. Aldridge as the Council’s delegate subject to approval.

Manchester Branch War Emergency Work Committee. A letter was also read from Mr. Mellor Secretary of the Trade and Labour Council asking that delegates should be appointed to attend a conference with a view to forming a Manchester Branch of the War Emergency Workers’ National Committee. It was recommended that Mrs. Findlay, Miss Basnett and Miss Quaile be the delegates. Moved by Mr. Herford seconded by Mr. Gv Cox that the two recommendations be approved.

Hyde Clothiers. It was reported that Mr. Watson and Miss Quaile had had two interviews with Mr. Brownson at Hyde. At the second he agreed to an advance of ¾d on khaki work and ½ on civilian garments.  

CWS Factory. At the CWS factory another dispute had occurred. The manager sent for Mr. Watson and Miss Quaile. The girls had stopped work in protest against the unfairness of a new foreman towards a worker. The manager reinstated the worker and the girls demanded a revision of rates. The manager agreed to discuss prices with a committee of five girls. After a week’s time advances on all the season’s work was given.

Women’s Section Clothiers. The Men’s District Committee had been discussing the question of allowing Union members to form a women’s section - as at Hyde -and agreed to sanction this. The women were considering the matter.

Blair’s. It was reported that after a reduction in August the pressers at Blair’s had joined the Union. A flat rate of 2 ¼ per dozen for pressing had been introduced. Though difficult work wages had been seriously decreasing. The girls asked for an advance of 1/2d on best work. As no reply was given they stopped work before beginning a new week. They came to the office the same evening. Miss Cox and Miss Quaile interviewed the manager at the next morning. He saw the girls and gave them a 1/4d per dozen on all work which the girls accepted.

Joint Committee. It was reported that the Joint Committee had met and discussed the position arising from women being engaged in the place of men through the war.

British Committee Women’s International Peace. A letter was read inviting the Council to send delegates to a meeting of the Manchester Branch of the British Committee of the International Women’s Congress (The Hague). Resolved that Mr. Herford and Mrs. Findlay be the Council’s representatives.

Emily Cox

April 14th 1915