June 12th, 1918

Minutes of E.C. Meeting held on June 12th 1918 at 3.00 pm

Apologies. Apologies of absence were received from Mrs. Simon, Mrs. Ashwell Cooke, Mrs. Withington, Miss Ashton.

Members present:-Miss E Cox (chair), Miss Ashcroft, Mrs. Hall, Miss Eckhard, Mrs. Findlay, Mr. Herford.

Minutes. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and adopted.

Council Meeting. Arising out of minutes, it was reported that the Council meeting had had to be postponed, as a suitable speaker could not be obtained for the dates suggested. It was decided to endeavour to arrange a meeting with a speaker on the Whitley Report, if possible on the 18th or 19th June, or the 2nd or 3rd July.

Finance. The Treasurer presented the financial report for the month.

Joint Trade Union Meeting. It was reported that a further joint meeting of Trade Union subscribers, the Trades and Labour Council, and the WTUC had been held in the Milton Hall on June 6th. The meeting had been called to discuss the future position of the Council.

After a report had been given as a response to the appeal sent out on January 1st, the following resolution was carried unanimously:-

“That the unions supporting the work of the WTUC should move through their branches a resolution asking the Manchester and Salford Trades and Labour Council to consider the advisability of taking up the work hitherto done by the Women’s Trades Union Council, with a view to forming a special department for the work of organising women in the various trades and industries in the Manchester and Salford areas.”

It was the desire of the meeting that this resolution should be sent by the Branches to Mr. Mellor, so that the matter could be discussed by the Executive and placed on the agenda as a resolution to be discussed at the full meeting of the Trade Council delegates in July.

A resolution was also passed suggesting that an invitation be sent to the Chairman and Secretary of the WTUC to be present at the delegate meeting in July.

Correspondence. Letters were read from the United Garment Workers Union, and the Shirt, Collar and Jacket Workers Society, asking if the Council could recommend an organiser, or give any help in the organisation of shirt workers in the Manchester District. As these two Unions were both organising the same class of worker it was decided to reply that it would be impossible for the Council to give assistance unless some working arrangement could be arrived at between the two societies.

A letter was read from the Labour Party stating that the annual conference would be held in London on June 26th, 27th and 28th. As Miss Quaile would be in London at the GFTU meeting during that week, it was moved by Mrs. Findlay, seconded by Miss Ashcroft and agreed that she attend the conference, if the work of the office makes it possible for her to do so.

Miss. Eckhard. Miss Cox moved, Mr. Herford seconded and it was agreed that Miss Eckhard become a member of the Sub-Committee.

Sub-Committee Minutes. The Sub-Committee minutes were read. These showed that the girls at Crossley Works, Levenshulme, were now receiving the correct rate of wages, but that the back money owing had not yet been paid. A Shop Stewards committee had been formed in the shop, and the girls had two representatives on the committee. A new section of the Levenshulme branch had been formed at Crossley Brothers.

Glover’s, Cheadle. The Ministry of Munitions had written stating that the standard wages would be applied to this firm.

Two interviews had been held at Heywood’s, Weaste, and the wages had now been brought up to the legal rate.

Most of the girls employed at Sinker and Jonny’s had been given notice, as the contract had expired. Many had been taken on at Messrs.E vans, Newton Heath.

The working hours at Dewsnaps had been reduced from 52 to 50 per week without any reduction of wages.

Miss Quaile had attended a meeting held in London of Employers and Employed in the Clothing industry, called by the Ministry of Reconstruction.

Mr. Purcell had suggested that he should address a meeting of the Women Wood Workers on the question of amalgamation with the Furnishing Trades Union. This was being arranged.

Emily Cox July 10th 1918.