July 8th, 1914

Council Meeting held Wednesday, July 8th 1914 at 3 pm

Present Miss Emily Cox (chair), Mrs. J. J. Findlay, Miss Todd, Mr. H. V. Herford.

Apologies. Apologies for absence received from Mrs. F. E. Ashwell Cooke, Miss Francis, Miss Basnett.

Minutes. The minutes of the last meeting were read and passed.

Finance. A financial statement was made by the Treasurer.


Sir Charles Swann.The Chairman read extracts from a letter received from Sir Charles Swann, thanking the Council for its kind expression of sympathy in his sad bereavement.

Liverpool Industrial Women’s Council. A letter was read from the Liverpool Industrial Women’s Council asking the Council’s help in organising an exhibition of sweated work, to take place in Liverpool during October. The Secretary was instructed to reply offering the needed help.

Jumble sale. The Chairman reported that up-to-date the proceeds of the jumble sale was £16-8-0.

Sub-Committee Minutes. The Sub-Committee minutes were read.

Scottish Midwives Bill. It was reported that Mrs. Aldridge with the Secretary of the National Association of Midwives and a Scottish representative had attended a meeting in London to interview the Scottish minister re-the Scottish Bill for the registration and supervision of midwives in Scotland.

Sewing Machinists and Rubber Meeting. It was reported that Miss Gardiner had spent a fortnight in Manchester working with Mrs Aldridge. It was reported that several dinner hour meetings had been held at sewing machinists and rubber works.

Tresco Rubber Co. It was reported that a difficulty had arisen at the the Tresco Rubber Works through the management’s stopping 10 girls at a minutes notice when the custom of the works being to have a week’s notice. When complaint was made the firm answered that the girls were only suspended during slack time. Further information was to be obtained.  

Joint Committee. Suffrage Procession. It was reported that the Joint Committee met on June 22 when five members from John Dalton Street Council attended as delegates. It was reported that several branches of the Unions and the Council’s banner had been carried on the suffrage procession on Saturday June 27.

Ward’s Strike. It was reported that a strike had occurred in Ward’s Underclothing Factory through a line of work being paid at 2/4 instead of 2/9. After negotiations Mr. Ward promised to give the higher amount if the work did not pay at 2/4. Five girls were dismissed and after deputations to the firm four were reinstated, the fifth declaring she did not want to go back. Miss Perrins, shop steward in the Norwood, has got a place for her at the Norwood and proposed to teach her blouse making.

Home workers. It was reported that a Home Workers meeting had been organised for July 6, several women attended, and one new member was made who reported that she had refused handkerchiefs from the Central Hemming Company with four sides to be hemmed at 5d per gross (a net price when cotton was deducted of 31/2 per gross) and many other women had done the same.

Mrs Aldridge. Mrs Aldridge left Manchester on July 1st.

Miss Quaile’s Re-election on GFTU Board. It was reported that Miss Quaile was re-elected on the Executive Board of the General Federation of Trades Unions (Insurance Section) for the coming three years.

August Meeting. It was moved by Mr. Herford, seconded by Mrs. Findlay that there be no August meeting unless some emergency arose.

Emily Cox September 9th 1914.