July 4th, 1906

Council Meeting held on July 4th 1906 730pm


Present Miss Ashton (Chair), Miss Emily Cox, Miss Hesse, Mrs. F. E. Ashwell Cooke, Miss Mary Owen (Leather Workers), Miss M. A. Francis (Upholsteresses), Miss Esplin, Mr. Hughes, Mrs. O. M. Aldridge ( Secretary), Mrs. Bennett.

Apologies. Apologies for non-attendance received from Miss Bulley, Mr. Herford, Councillor Johnston, Mrs. Findlay, Mr. J. J. Mallon, Mr. W. C. Anderson.

Minutes. Minutes of the last Council Meeting were read & passed.

Minutes of Sub-Committee. Minutes of Sub-Committee read by Miss Emily Cox.

Time of first meeting of the Exhibition Committee. The Secretary reported that-the first meeting of the Provisional Committee composed of delegates from the WTUC, Christian Social Union, Manchester Cooperative Society, Lancashire College Settlement, Manchester Sanitary Association, Social Questions Committee University Settlement (Ancoats), Manchester Trades Council, Union of Women Workers, Women's Cooperative Guild (M/c) - had been held on Friday, une 22nd (there was a good attendance) for organising a Sweated Industries’ Exhibition for M/c in October.

Decided to arrange exhibition.It was decided by a unanimous [vote] to hold the exhibition, also to accept the generous offer of the M/c Cooperative Society of loan of halls at Downing St. for the purpose (free of charge).

Exhibition cost. A rough estimate by the Committee of total necessary outlay for running the exhibition for 3 weeks was £500.

It was also decided that a Guarantee fund of £300 should be raised to provide against any possible adverse balance - the delegates of each society represented undertaking to assist in raising this amount.

Sub-Committee Formed. A sub-Committee was then appointed to draft & issue a circular & undertake details of organisation.

Chairman & Secretary appointed. Councillor James Johnston was appointed Chairman of the Committee & Mrs. O. M. Aldridge the Secretary.

Lectures to be arranged. Names of possible speakers were submitted by the members of the Council for the Exhibition Lectures, the question of “opener ” of the Exhibition also discussed & list of trades (M/c) gone through which would be possible to exhibit.

 The Council agreed that the circular asking for contributions to the Guarantee Fund should be sent to all subscribers of the WTUC. On motion of Miss Ashton & Mrs. Ashwell Cooke it was agreed that no August meeting of the council be held.

Emily Cox

Sept 5th 1906