July 30th, 1907

Council Meeting held Tuesday July 30th 1907 3.o’clock


Present Miss Cox (Chair), Mrs. Harker, Mrs. Horsfall, Mr. Herford, Mrs. Aldridge (Secretary), Miss Bulley .

Apologies. Apologies for absence received from Miss Ashton, Mrs. Bennett and Mr. J. D. Kelly M. P.  

Minutes. Minutes of the last meeting read and passed.  

Affiliation to N.U.W. W. The proposal re-affiliation with the National Union of Women Workers which had been deferred from the last meeting was again discussed and a resolution, proposed by Mr. Herford and seconded by Miss Bulley, in favour of affiliation for the current year was carried.

Sub Committee minutes. The Minutes of the Organisation Sub Committee were then read.  

Union meetings These showed work had been done amongst Sewing Machinists, Telephone Operators and Rubber Workers during the month. Miss Ashton had given an address at a special meeting of the Midwives Association.  

Hatters’ Union. A request for assistance in organising had been received from the Hatters’ Union (Stockport Branch). The Sub Committee had empowered Mrs Aldridge to render them any possible assistance. The action of the Sub Committee re-Hatters was endorsed by the Council on the motion of Mr. Herford and Mrs. Horsfall.

Rubber Workers’ Union. The Secretary reported: that the membership of the Rubber Workers’ Union was now 32. 11 girls from the Irwell works having joined at the meeting arranged for them at the Ordsall Temperance Hall on July 29th. That the girls working in the Rubber Shoe Department at Frankenberg’s had met to consider the advisability of asking for an advance. They had however had decided to leave the matter over for a few weeks and increase the membership of the Union before making the demand. Only about half the workers in the department were at present Union members.  

Rubber Workers. Miss Cox reported having visited some Rubber Workers employed at Moseleys. Two of the girls employed in the drying room complained that sheets of rubber, of which the odour was specially unpleasant and offensive, were hung near to the place where they were working. These were quite different from the ordinary rubber sheets. New experiments they thought were being tried. Miss Cox also reported that dining room accommodation was not provided.

Factory inspector. Miss Paterson had been informed re-rubber sheets and would visit the firm on her next visit to Manchester.

Emily Cox

September 3rd 1907