July 26th, 1904

Special Council Meeting, Tuesday July 26th 1904

Present Miss Bulley (chair), Miss Ashton, Miss Cox, Miss Pankhurst, Mr. Johnston, Mr. Herford

This meeting was called to consider Miss Pankhurst’s view of the Council’s attitude on the women’s suffrage question.  Letters were read from Miss Gaskell and Mrs. Cooke.

The chairman explained that the meeting had been called in consequence of a difficulty that had arisen through Miss Gore Booth’s women's suffrage work.  The Daily News had published a paragraph confusing leaflets written by her & published by the Textile Workers Committee with the Council’s propaganda. 

This mistake was corrected by Miss Bulley & Miss Gore-Booth. Miss Bulley then wrote a letter to the  Manchester Guardian disclaiming any connection with the movement for the enfranchisement of women on behalf of the Council.  Miss Pankhurst, as a member of the Council, had written to the Guardian to disassociate herself from this position.  Miss Bulley had wished that a meeting should be called and after the sub-Committee had discussed the matter this had been done. 

Miss Pankhurst proposed to bring a resolution to ascertain the position of the Council, but after some discussion it was decided that the matter was too important to be decided at such a small meeting.  Miss Pankhurst therefore agreed to postpone her resolution till next Council meeting, when all the members could have good notice to attend.

A. Amy Bulley